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PAVIS & BIG RUBBLE - Gloranthan Classics Volume I


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pavis-and-big-rubble.jpgWelcome to Pavis, beware the Rubble!

Pavis & Big Rubble is an updated and reformatted 316 page reprint of ALL of the information from the two original Chaosium Runequest boxed sets, consolidated and organized together. Additional material on the Sun Dragon cult, plus 35 additional new pieces of art specifically commissioned for the book are also included. Rediscover the Puzzle Canal, Kakstan's Art Museum, Balastor's Barracks, the Devil's Playground, and Ogre Island. Adventure once more in the greatest roleplaying city ever written. Journey along on the epic Cradle scenario!

Scenarios included: Welcome to the City, Burlgery at Raus' House, The Cradle, Griffin Gate, Wolfhead's Lair, Raid on Yelorna, The Devils Playground, Krang's Table, The Puzzle Canal and Temple at Feroda.

Cults included: Flintnail, Lanbril, Black Fang Brotherhood, Pavis, Yelorna the Starbringer, Zola Fel and Sun Dragon.

By Greg Stafford, Steve Perrin, et. al. 316 Pages. Published by Moon Design 1999.

Edited by Trifletraxor

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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I've got to admit that reading this book was a real nostalgia trip for me - it reminds me of why Glorantha was one of the best examples of a coherent campaign world in the early days of the hobby. Pavis has many of the hallmarks of old-school play, but it also maintains a sense of internal logic that many contemporary products could not beat. The whole thing feels very "grounded" compared to other products of a similar nature and a similar age.

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