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  1. They announced the launch of the new website on twitter on 10 January this year. We can hope there is some movement behind the scenes. I still think the Rennaisance system is amazing.
  2. What a sad loss. He could do everything from comedic pictures to heroic images like the cover of Savage Mountains. We've lost so many pioneers of our hobby over the past few years.
  3. Nice! Does this mean we will get an entire product line if sales are decent?
  4. I picked up the first edition ages ago and enjoyed it. I'll need to pick up the new version and see what's changed. It's good to see a fellow Aussie working on something this ambitious! The use of the OGL is great - it means we can pick apart the system and use the bits we like...bwahaha!
  5. I envy your self-control. This book must be mine, whatever the cost!
  6. Yeah...I'm in the same boat. Plus the shipping cost is a killer. Any idea when Aeon will have cheaper shipping for those of us Down Under?
  7. We all hope Ken continues to recover. We also hope someday we will see more from Cakebread & Walton. The Sanity rules from Clockwork & Chivalry / Dark Streets are still some of the best out there!
  8. Yeah...it's sad that he is having such terrible medical issues. Our thoughts are with him. I'm keen to hear what your plans for third-party publishers are. I'd love to adapt some of the spells I originally designed for Legend (bearing in mind that OQ is a lighter rule system).
  9. This is an amazing piece of news that will enrich and unify the entire d100 ecosystem. Hopefully this will use an existing license (either OGL or Creative Commons) rather than create a new one so we can adapt material from other open sources. Is there any indication what the time scale for the release of this license is?
  10. Ohhh....Zardoz. Just how much protection does the orange leotard thingie provide in combat?
  11. Very good interview. You should do more of them
  12. We get an OQ Christmas Present! I've backed every edition of OpenQuest so far and will definitely support this one too. I wonder if this will encourage Cakebread & Walton to revise Renaissance (hint, hint)? That would be cool...
  13. You can use as much of the SRD as you like (as it is all Open Game Content). However, the Open Game Licence expressly prohibits indicating compatibility with any copyrighted game system, so you'd still need a compatibility licence to indicate that the supplement is to be used with the Revolution system.
  14. I think literary cyberpunk did move on, but SF movies tend to lag a decade or two behind the written word. In SF literature, cyberpunk has recently become obsessed by environmental collapse - an approach pioneered by the works of Paolo Bacigalupi.
  15. Has anyone done any mechanics at an intermediate scale of small domain management? I'm wondering if anyone has produced detailed rules for building a stronghold, ruling a frontier barony, engaging in regional trade, developing local communities, etc. I think one of the MRQI books touched on this, but it wasn't in much detail...
  16. True...but none of those conversions were released under the OGL. This means that they aren't available for third-party use...
  17. This is shocking news. Greg was a giant in the industry and an amazing person. He has given us years of joy. He inspired and influenced an entire generation of game designers. And in addition to his work in the gaming industry, his contributions to Shaman's Drum deserve recognition from everyone interested in alternative spirituality. My thoughts and condolences are with his family during this difficult time.
  18. The MRQII Empires book is one of the best releases for that product line. The idea of treating realms and organisations like characters was clever and could be developed a lot further. The MRQ I version has some poor editing and is inferior to the revision.
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