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Power Outage - a Destined Adventure, Now Available

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Awakening deep in the forest...
No idea how you got here...
...Who the hell ARE you?... Who the hell are these others...?
Something's not right. There's something strange about how you feel...
No time. Danger! Armed drones, searching, hunter-killers. You have to run...
Run like Hell. Towards the lights, distant lights of the city.
Maybe someone there knows who you are; what you are.
Maybe they have answers. But right now, run.
Run like Hell.

Power Outage is an adventure for Destined, and now available!

Nascent powers are awakened in a group of unsuspecting individuals, and immediately they are fighting for their lives. Where can they find answers? Who can they trust? Does Gemelos City hold the key?

Power Outage is designed to introduce new players to superhero roleplaying, but makes a fine start to any superhero campaign.

40 pages, softcover
$10.99 POD & PDF
$4.99 PDF


Power Outage Thumbnail.png

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