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The Zone - anyone interested in playtesting?

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"The Zone" is almost shaped and ready for playtest. Its publication might be delayed one or two months (it was expected in June this year), but it is coming soon.

I would like to run playtests of the game. I have already ran a playtest some time ago, but several things have changed and I could definitely use some more sessions. However, I will lack the opportunity to run face-by-face tests until August - alas, no Eternal Con for me this year - so I will resort to online sessions. Each playtest run will last 3-5 sessions with groups of 3-6 players, and will be held via Google Hangouts or Fantasy Grounds II (preferred). No expense needed to play on FGII, as I have an Ultimate license. According to group preferences, we can play via chat, via audioconference or via videoconference with Hangouts.

If anyone is interested and can guarante, please contact me via PM or via Alephtar contact form. European players are preferred

Ah, and if you wish to know more about The Zone... well, you have the opportunity to play any kind of character archetype except the magic user (but you can play a psi!). Basically, you are a modern age cool guy who must survive in a very hostile environment, one where even McGyver would have trouble finding supplies.

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Anyone who was interested in this thread will be interested to know that RosenMcstern is running games with FG2 July 21 and July 22.


the thread to check out on the FG Forums is: FG Virtual Con 2012 - Fantasy Grounds Message Boards

I use  fantasygrounds.com

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