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Foreign Language BRP ?


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There were several in Italian: Egitto (already mentioned), West, Dinosauri, all as stand-alone supplements to Basic (Italian version of BRP, larger than the 1980s BRP booklet but way slimmer than thr BGB). And then there was an Alien (as in the films) special issue of a rpg magazine that was almost as long as the stand-alone supplements. I own them all.

In French there also was a rpg similar to the Italian Basic, called BaSIC. It had two settings within the booklet (one mediaeval, one contemporary), and there was a stand-alone supplement set in the 17th century. They also published an Arabian nights setting as a pull-out centre section of a rpg magazine some years later. I also own these.

I know there was a Swedish translation of WoW (or of Magic World?) called Drakar och Demoner.

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Yes it was a translation of WoW with Magic World booklet. Later on it got expanded with optional rules in Drakar och Demoner Expert (turning the d100 into a d20 and adding hit locations and stuff like that). It also got a third expansion named Drakar och Demoner Gigant that mostly focused on building and supporting castles. It also contained some very nice mass combat rules that tied into the castle rules.

Had plenty of stuff for that game but stupid enough I sold most of them away long time ago when the game took a turn I really disliked. That is a decision I regret to this day.

The only stuff I have these days is Krilloan a boxed set describing the city of Krilloan and containing three adventures.

The other module I have is Barbia a module describing the region of Barbia and contains a huge very epic adventure named Siratias Vita Formelbok (Siratia's White Grimoire).

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Drakar och Demoner Expert (turning the d100 into a d20 and adding hit locations and stuff like that).

There really was a "blood relationship" between DoD and the Kult and Mutant Chronicles RPGs, or just a loose kinship based on the three games using a roll-under mechanics and the d20?

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