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I have found a website where you start projects with pledges from other people called kickstarter.com . I have noticed some PNP Roleplaying projects have been started on this site. i was wondering has anyone used kickstarter, and what do you think of it? If i recall correctely Punk Town was done on kickstarter. I am thinking it could be a good resourse for some of us who want to do some projects.

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Mood Design had an extremely successful Kickstarter for The Guide to Glorantha, so successful that it has delayed production by many months just to fit in the extra material promised as stretch goals.

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KS is best used by established authors who can prove by a body of work that they know how to run a project. The material offered should be close to ready for production so that the KS is for things like better art and layout and actual production costs. Authors need to have a plan for stretch goals and have properly budgeted for everything they offer especially including shipping both local and international. The authors also need to communicate frequently with the backers of the kickstarter i.e. at least weekly.

There have been plenty of examples where these tenets have not been followed and the project has left a bad taste.


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Yeah, I have invested in a couple RPG projects. Nothing to show yet for the money spent, and there have been one or two epic fails in regards to some RPG projects, but I like the basic idea. When I finally get my hands on the latest Army Ants RPG it will have been worth it.

Even if I will just want to convert it over to the BRP system. :)

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