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It's been a while, but IIRC DragonQuest has very little similarity to BRP (at least in the 1st edition). It's a hybrid of class and skill systems, more like Star Frontiers. On the plus side, BRP is a lot easier to understand.


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No. DQ is not a BRP game. It's a truly wonderful example of how to write an rpg as an SPI game, with headings and sub heading and all that.

It is a truly underrated game that deserved a much greater light in the sun.

You friend will have no problems with BRP, save that he may see similarities and interpret them in a DQ way, but that'll pass.

In fact he'll probably find BRP as much looser, which he may or may not like!

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A friend of mine is a DragonQuest player, and I'm interested in inviting him to my BRP games. Therefore, I'm wondering how similar DragonQuest is to other D100 games? Is it a derivation of BRP? I know it is based on D100 rolls.
A game I tried to like when I was a young kid looking for a better game then the hit point inflating world of D&D. I was disappointed by lengthy character creation and all the fiddly bits. Went on to Rolemaster, and was once again disappointed. Finally settled on Chaosium's Stormbringer/Elric! in all its incarnations.

Currently I like very simple rules-lite mechanics, but I would go back to Elric! in a heartbeat. The full BRP system is a bit bloated for my taste. The quick start rules work just fine for me.

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It's rare to see a cheap copy.

True, but it is not difficult at all to find the rules on the Internet and download them,

just like SPI's science fiction game Universe or TSR's Star Frontiers SPI's fantasy ga-

me Dragon Quest is still kept alive by a dedicated community of fans. I would add a

link to a download site, but I am not really sure concerning the legal status ...

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