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What Languages Do D100 Products Need to be Translated Into?


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The RuneQuest guys just announced an upcoming Italian edition for v.6. Chaosium advertises French and Japanese versions of Call of Cthulhu on its website. It is common knowledge that D100 games get a lot of love outside their English-speaking country of origin.

So, which D100 lines could benefit from translation into which languages? I know our BRP Central grognards and fanatics come from all over the globe. Give us your input. Does the jumpin' gaming scene in India cry out for a Tamil edition? Let us know.

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From Chaosium's web site, looks like CoC is available in French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, and Polish. Depending on the language, sometimes only supplements are available, other times only the core book.

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Chaosium advertises French and Japanese versions of Call of Cthulhu on its website.

There is already a new version of Call of Cthulhu in French. It has been completely reworked by french authors (in a different way from the American 7th edition). It is still easily compatible with the old versions and with the BRP system, though some details are handled differently.

And it is supported by a lot of supplements!









All these huge and beautiful books sell very well. Actually, Call of Cthulhu is one of the best selling roleplaying games in France - if not the best selling one. Some campaigns are even published as packages with an old fashioned leather book bag and a lot of accessories... And are rapidly out of stock despite of their huge cost.

So, I really doubt that a translation of the American 7th edition would have any chance to find buyers.

A translation of Runequest would be, in my humble opinion, a much better idea.

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