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Stupor Mundi RQ6


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They're kind enough to state that "if you own the the 1st. edition, you might not need this one".

The pagecount is more or less the same, so I assume it's the same book, only with updated stats. The old one was for MRQ, and very BRP-friendly. I don't think this one is any different.

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As baragei said. Both versions are compatible with BRP with some adaptations.

The core adventure of the book, however, is also available in PDF with BRP stats. You will find it on DriveThruRPG under the name "Kidnapping in al-Halisa (BRP)". This will remain available as both an example of how to convert everything to BRP and as the source for the full-colour version of the maps and cardboard minis that Dario made for al-Halisa (not included in the Stupor Mundi RQ6 PDF).

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The original book is about 80% pure narrative content, so it really doesn't make that much difference whatever system you are using. You could still benefit from this book even if you were using a non-BRP system like Rolemaster, for instance. The updated RQ6 book is likely to be in a similar vein with the majority of the book being purely narrative content.

The remaining 20% is game mechanics content, of which I roughly estimate about half being directly compatible with BRP BGB mechanics.

The remaining BRP mechanics that are specific to RQ would only be about 10% of the book I reckon.

Of that you could easily hand wave things like spell names (or find a BRP equivalent, or make up a new spell on the fly), and perhaps some minor things like DEX Ranks versus RQ Strike Ranks for example, things that you could quickly recalculate if need be.

Good setting. Its worth a look if you're considering running a medieval campaign

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