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two weapon use and over 100%


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Reguardless of how many weapons a character carries he or she is allowed 1 attack per round.

Once the skill in both weapons exceeds 99% you can split the attacks by 50% each. Attacking once each per round with dex rank difference. When a skill reaches 160% in one hand it can be split into equal parts of the half.

So if your character has a sword with 160% and a dagger at 100% he can make 2 attacks with sword at 40% each and an attack with dagger at 50%. (Keeping in mind dex ranks)


1 attack with sword at 80% and one attack with Dagger at 50%.

I've noticed house rules where each hands weapon skill is developed separately allowing the player to attack with each in a round BUT not being able to parry or Dodge in the same round. Guess it just depends on your play style.

The primary purpose for an off hand weapon is for riposte attacks and parries (And having a ready weapon if one breaks)

Not for a second attack.

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Are those BRP rules?


Openquest rules:

Close Combat skills greater
than 100%
A character with over 100% can split his skill to perform
multiple attacks and parries or dodges.
For combat attacks at over 100% in the weapon skill
the number of attacks and the allocated % of each one
must be declared at the start of the combat round. Any
allocation of split is allowed. For example Murgan the
Mighty with an Axe skill of 120% can split it 90% /30%
or make four attacks at four opponents in range at 30%
So, no need to split at 50%.
Two Weapon Use
A character wielding two weapons or a weapon and a
shield may use the off-hand item to either:
Parry one additional attack per Combat Round (over and
above the normal Reaction allowance)
Gain a single bonus Close Combat Attack action. This
bonus attack is at -25% Close Combat Skill. The second
attack occurs at half the character’s DEX in order of
combat. Also this may only be a normal Close Combat
Attack, not an All Out Attack, Disarming Attack or a
Great Attack.
So if You wield 2 weapons or one weapon and a shield, You can opt for an extra attack.
The question is how to combine these 2 Openquest rules
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I would simply add a single extra attack at full offhand skill-25%, even if that skill is over 100% independently of the multiple attack split. If both skills are over 100% and the player wants to combine multiple attacks with both hands then I would choose the lowest of the two, apply the -25% and THEN split the remaining skill in whatever combination suits best, declaring which weapon or arm is used for each.

Check my Lobo Blanco - Elric RPG (now in english!)

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