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How is Armor Burden Used in BRP?


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It looks like the Burden statistic is used with the optional Fatigue attribute... but I don't see any mention of burden outside of its definition for Armor and Shields on p.261 and p.264 and in the BGB.


I've never used it - if you want that kind of granularity for burden, my suggestion would be to use the ENC value listed and apply it with the fatigue/ encumbrance rules.


...Or make up a system for burden?

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For my Classic Fantasy houserules (which I'm still reworking, so this may be different in time), I implemented the following. Not sure how effective it might be in just using the core BRP rules, but maybe it might help at least a little. :)


Armor Penalty

  Although armor provides excellent protection against arrow, blade, hammer, and even some spells, it is definitely more restrictive than clothing. You must find your Armor Penalty, which then determines all factors affected by your chosen armor.


  To determine one's Armor Penalty, add up the ENC of all pieces of armor worn (pieces that cover multiple locations are the sum of all the locations). This is the skill penalty for most Physical actions that involve movement (such as Acrobatics, Athletics, and Dodge), as well as casting Arcane spells with Somatic components.


  For MOV penalties, subtract the higher of either STR or CON from the Armor Penalty. For every 5 points remaining (rounded up), reduce your MOV score by 1, to a minimum of 1.


  For Speed Factor, divide the Armor Penalty by 3 (rounding up). This total is subtracted from Initiative checks.


  Remember that some characters have the Armor Proficiency benefit (which halves the ENC of all worn armor), and various materials – as well as permanent magical enchantments – can affect the final ENC of armor. This is an important factor to remember for the purpose of Armor Penalty.

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That's pretty close to how I do it. Basically it needs a penalty to Strike Rank and to Agility , Manipulation, and Physical skills..

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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The BRP armor table lists a "burden" category, but I cannot find any rules explaining how this works in the game.  Can some one give me an example?  Does burden reduce your initiative?


Its designed to be used with the optional Fatigue System. 


p.261 Burden: This describes the awkwardness or relative encumbrance of the armor. The Gamemaster may use this value with the optional fatigue system.


p.32 gives the option for fatigue and sanity. In the first column near the bottom of the option box is Simple Fatigue. Though never specifically mentioned, it sounds like an option for an option. 



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That's pretty close to how I do it. Basically it needs a penalty to Strike Rank and to Agility , Manipulation, and Physical skills..


Crap... I forgot about penalizing Agility. Gotta remember to add that to my houserules. Thanks Mankcam.


I may actually be kind of picky with which Manipulation skills are affected, though. I don't really see heavy armor being to much of a burden with some of the skills there. Then again, my decision may change after I've gone through and fleshed out the Manipulation skills some more, so it's possible it may be a "thing" later.  :)

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