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Heroquest II

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I have the G2G and it has really invigorated my love for the setting of Glorantha. It feels much more 'ancient world' and the artwork really brings the cultures alive.


As in the G2G, Jeff Richard is heavily involved in HQG, so its bound to be a great resource even for those who do not use the HQ2 rules. 

I am eagerly awaiting this book and the RQ6 AiG book as well, as it will be more tailored to my BRP-orientated tastes

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I've got the artless draft because I backed the Guide and it works on three levels.


As a complete standalone RPG for Glorantha. There's enough detail in the book to run straight away, and then move onto say Sartar for additional detail on cults.


As a Glorantha specific version of HeroQuest, it gathers all the character gen & magic info from Sartar and Pavis, streamlines and slightly amends the system, gives lots of Glorantha specific examples and really makes it work for Glorantha.


As a Glorantha resource. Even if you want to quickly convert Glorantha to another system, say FATE or RQ, there's enough detail on Dragon Pass and how magic works (including HeroQuesting)  that you've got all the fluff text you need to show and explain how the world works.


Broadly speaking its on the level of the old RQ2 rulebook, but because HQ is such a light system they've crammed in more Gloranthan info.

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