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OQ2 & Renaissance In Comparison to MW & RQ6 & Legend/RQ5


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So I'm fairly familiar with Legend/RQ5, RQ6, and MW; but I'm not at all familiar with OQ2 or Renaissance. If I've got MW and Legend and Renaissance, is there any reason for me to pick up OQ2 or Renaissance?


What do OQ2 and Renaissance bring to the table? What are the major differences? What are the new mechanics and options? Would I get anything out of them?


I guess to sum up: Keeping in mind that I've already got a couple d100 systems; Sell me on OQ2 and Renaissance.

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Renaissance has a really nice sanity system, better than CoC in my opinion. It also has a interesting ceremonial magic system.

Hmm. I dont feel a need for a sanity system for my games, but I am interested in hearing more about this ceremonial magic system. What makes it special?

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