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Fighting With Two Weapons.


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According to both BRP and MW a PC who wields a weapon in each hand has the benefits of being able to parry (and possible ripost attack) ,switch weapons if one breaks or fumbles, but cannot make a second attack unless the skill is greater than 100%

Recently one of my PCs held a dagger in each hand with 90%/60% respectively and was dropping onto an unsuspecting victim with the intent of driving both daggers into him. It seems the rules don't allow for such an action though it's obviously plausible.

My question is how do other chroniclers deal with two weapon fighting? Not just in THIS scenario but in general...

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding this.

Is it that the off hand weapon CAN make a separate attack, 5 DEX ranks later,  as a Difficult skill roll until the off hand skill reaches 100+%, at which time it is made as a Normal skill roll?

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I've introduced a "Two Weapon Attack" skill into my campaign;  it's rating limits the attack rating when both weapons are used simultaneously (similar to the ride skill), and grants an extra attack with the off-hand weapon, or an extra free parry for the turn.  This provides a mechanic for the option that is balanced against the fact that you have to develop a second or third skill for the tactic. I've also allowed a "weapon plus shield" version of the Two Weapon Attack.  Note that my players and I have adopted an adapted 4E round structure, but I'm sure the Two Weapon Attack skill is easily adaptable to the standard BRP Dex-rank round.   


As for the example above, without getting too analytical:  Taking into account the fact that he was jumping down on a foe who is unaware (assume attacker made his stealth roll). . . the main hand dagger is an easy attack (roll to avoid the fumble), the off-hand weapon (I would rule) is a standard attack - easy because the foe is surprised/unaware but difficult because it's an attack with an off-hand weapon (unless he's ambidextrous, apparently).  Oh Yeah, don't forget the Jump roll afterwards, to avoid damage or falling on his butt . . . 


I believe the off-hand weapon attacks are always difficult, unless the character is ambidextrous (BGB 234).

If everybody in the world thought and acted like i do, then who would be the players in my Basic Role Playing game?

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Not a bad idea adding a third skill and using it like the Ride skill. But how do you do experience skill increases? Both weapons have to be successfully used in one round to quality?

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In the old RQ days the way it worked was that the off hand weapon was a separate skill. It started off very low (typically 5%, although you could default to half the skill with the main hand), but you did get to make attacks and parries with each weapon.  


For example, a guy with Dagger at 90% would get a default score of 45% in his off hand, and be able to attack and parry with the off hand weapon at the lower skill percentage. 

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My house rules ( well, just 'fine-tuning' pre-existing rules):




I reduce the DEX SR by -5, and allow both attacks in the same round for simplicity (obviously this is not to everyone's tastes).

Off-hand penalty applies to the second weapon attack.





I actually felt that a Difficult chance was too generous for an off-hand penalty, so my rules are a bit tighter

Off-hand penalty is equal to that of a Special Success. However if the character focuses (expends 1PP) then this chance is raised to a Difficult chance.

Works nicely, and very gritty. Makes it quite important to know which arm has been injured in a battle...


I also do not allow for a second skill development in an off-hand weapon, although I cover this with the Martial Arts rules instead.





I introduced a 'Duo Weapon Fighting Style' using the Martial Arts rule, simulating 'Florentine Swordfighting' style, or a knife fighter style.


The character states that they are using two melee weapons using the Fighting Style at the start of that combat round.


When attacking, the character rolls one attack roll, using their Weapon skill. If successful AND the result is also under Martial Arts: Duo-Weapon Style, then the character gains an additional damage roll ( as per damage dice for second weapon).


If using the weapons for parry, the character rolls Weapon skill. If successful AND the result is also under Martial Arts: Duo-Weapon Style, the character has an additional free parry available for that round or can choose to count the result as a Parry Special Success instead.


I still keep the STR restrictions in play for weapon use, so most characters may only be able to use this style with smaller sized weapons, such as daggers or shortswords, although some could have a combo with a medium and small weapon if they have enough STR ( ie: a broadsword and dagger or shortsword, for instance).

A very strong character could perhaps hold two broadswords or battleaxes, but I suspect you would be looking at Conan the Barbarian.


In any case, the damage dice for the secondary weapon correlates to what dice are rolled as the additional damage roll, and only if the Martial Arts roll is successful.  


The weapon combo fighting style is not generic, rather it is specified to a particular type of weapon. For example, Martial Arts: 'Florentine' Style may only pertain to swords and knives, whereas perhaps a Martial Arts: Beserker Style may pertain to fighting with two axes, etc.


Using Martial Arts seems to work okay, as it is really just laterally using the rules that are already in the BGB.


I should point out that only the Weapon Skill is subject to a Skill Check, not the Martial Arts skill, although Martial Arts can be raised with Training.

The weapon skill still organically develops, whereas the character must see out an expert to teach him to advance in the Fighting Style. I felt that this was a good way of not overbalancing the game with the character with Martial Arts, and it provided a focus reason to seek out specific teachers rather than just rely of gameplay to advance.





Regardless whether the character knows a Duo-Weapon Fighting Style, or whether they are simply holding two weapons, the advantages are the same (even if the the chance of a second successful attack is greatly different).

Fighting with two weapons has the obvious advantage of enabling a character to potentially deal more damage in combat.

However the drawback is that if they attempt to parry, it is their weapon that is getting damaged, and this is much less durable than parrying with a shield.

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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