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Bachelor Thesis for a new BRP software tool


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So, I've thought about the split between GM and Player, and came up with this:


The idea is, that the user logs in and sees all the campaigns he/she is assigned to (as Player or GM).

If a user creates a new campaign, he/she is set as the GM and all other members as Players.
In the settings, the GM can also change the member rights from Player to GM, e.g. if there are multiple GMs in a campaign.

In the Settings - Preferences the user can change the Start Page to whatever suits best for him/her.

For the moment, I'll go with the Combat screen only for the GM. At some later point I want to make it synchonized with / streamed to the Players as well, but that's probably gonna be a lot of work, which is why I'll do that when the rest is working at its basic.

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Hey everyone :)

Sorry for keeping quiet for a while ^^'
I have to focus on finding a job for the moment, so I'm not really working much on the tool right now.

Anyways, the voting is over, and the result is as following:


So I'll go for the money system.

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Hey everyone :)
I've got great and even better news!

I've finally got a job, which means I can focus more on the tool again.
And the even better news is, that I'm going to work as a web-developer, which means I'll learn a lot of new, useful and advanced stuff I can perfectly use for the tool :D

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Hey everyone,

it's been quite a while, but I've finally managed to finish the design ;D

I know, it doesn't sound like much, especially regarding the time it took, but a lot of thinking went into it, and I redid it several times 'til I had a satisfying result.
I've tried to make sure to include all important functionalities and still make it look clear, intuitive and comfortable.
The mockups are only a "rough draft", meaning it's more about the layout, descriptions, etc. The colors are not final, and it obviously will not look as flat as in the demo.

But I'd appreciate it, if you would test it and give me feedback.


I planned to upload it as HTML on my page, but the exporter is a little buggy, so you unfortunately have to download the .exe (window) or .app (mac) to test it.
But I swear I didn't hide any virus in there! :P

You can download the programm here:

I've included the nav panel on the left, so you can switch between pages more easily (and have a little more control over it).
The pages are 1024 x 768 px, so you best test them on desktop. Tablet should work, too, but the input fields will most likely be too close to each other.


I hope you enjoy exploring it and am looking forward to hear your opinion (even if I don't promise I'll adapt everything).

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Hey everyone,

there are a couple of things to notice:

  • The Mac version unfortunately doesn't work. You can test it on http://brp-tool.cursaro.it/ though.
    Not all of the animations work correctly there. But I guess it's better than nothing.
  • The icons I used are based on "fontawesome". Unfortunately the tool didn't include the font when exporting, so you have to install the font locally to see them correctly -.-'
    You can install the one in the attachment or download it here: http://fontawesome.io/#modal-download
    Just click on download, skip the popup by clicking the button at the bottom "No thanks, ...", save and unpack it.
    After that open the fonts folder and install the font.
  • The registration/login in the mockup are fake, there is no logic behind it. You can enter whatever you want (in general for any page).
    But for the real tool I need a login, because I need a way to connect the campaigns and characters to your account. But there won't be any "data collection" or alike.

I added some screenshots so you get an idea of how the mockups look like.






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