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sorcery and super powers


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Hi, im tinkering with an campaign there i will use sorcery and super powers as the power options.

If creating more spells like sorcerers sureness, would it be to much gamebreaking to make spells like sorcerers swordmastery? Except the obvious that it will be a must have for powergamers.

At the same time can they do a permament version with the suerpower superskill.

So is there something else i am overlooking? 

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It really depends on how much the spell increases the skill. As the chronicler developing a house rule spell/power you can decide what is game breaking in your campaign. 

I might allow a 10%skill increase per MP spent with a duration equal to POW in minutes.

I would NOT allow for permanent spell affects. 

If it's to be a power instead of a spell, just use normal powers from BRP as guidelines. 


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In a Classic Fantasy campaign I've been playing, one of the characters had a special power. He was a barbarian and he could do a Power Shout or something once or thrice (I can't remember) a day. He would make a POW x5 check for it to work and if it did it would stun a whole rank of enemies. Unfortunately he only had 8 POW...

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