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Italian translation of OpenQuest


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Hi everybody :)
Something like two years ago I started translating OpenQuest in italian, it's been a long and hard work all by myself but finally it came to an end (...for now).

During the past months I've posted the eight chapters of OpenQuest Basic Edition on my blog, http://bardosulmare.blogspot.com; recently I also fitted them in a pdf that you can download HERE. Take in mind that I'm not a professional translator/editor/publisher, I just fell in love with OpenQuest and I wanted to translate it for my lazy friends' sake :D

In the spare time I'm working on other materials, like the GM screen and the other chapters (divine magic ecc.). The Empire of Gatan is already translated and online.

Greetings to my fellow countryman and to the whole community, have a good time gaming!

(Ho ritenuto non necessario scrivere in italiano, dato che i frequentatori di questo forum certamente comprendono tutti l'inglese :P )

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