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Defensive Responses question and errata


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On p. 101 under Defensive Responses you can read the following:

"... If the hero wins the exchange, he lodges 2 fewer Resolution Points against his opponent.
  If the hero loses the exchange, the number of Resolution Points lodged against his opponent decreases by 1."

Ok, the first sentence is clear. If I choose to use a Defensive Response in an extended contest, I will score not as many Resolution Points as I would using a more aggressive attack mode, i.e. I will 2 fewer Resolution points than normal.

But it seems the second sentence is wrong, because if the hero loses the exchange, he will lodge no Resolution points at all against his opponent ...
So probably the Resolution points lodged against him will be decreased by 1.

From my point of view this is another entry in the HeroQuest Glorantha errata ...

Which leads directly to my next questions:

What is the current way to submit errata? Is there kind of an official errata available, or do I have to trust, that found errors are incorporated into the PDF? How do I know, if the PDF has changed (besides downloading it and checking directly)?

There was talk on G+ as well as on the old HeroQuest forum on glorantha.com about kind of an alternate method for creating an errata/submitting errors (under the lead of David Scott, I think), but I've never seen any conclusion about this topic.

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It should read:  "If the hero loses the exchange, the number of Resolution Points lodged against her/him decreases by 1"

You're working to keep damage against you minimized so you gain on defense and largely give up your attack.  My players have found it very useful when fighting a far superior foe.  One or two will use a Defensive Response to keep the foe engaged and facing the multiple opponent penalty, and subsequent characters get the benefit of the lowered resistance level for their actions.  Doesn't guarantee that they won't still take a beating in the process though!

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Or even simpler, " If the hero loses the exchange, the number of Resolution Points lodged by his opponent decreases by 1".

@Oracle there haven't been any changes to the PDF since release as far as I'm aware, and there is no official errata (although I have my own unofficial errata list).


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