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5 hours ago, Pentallion said:

yeah, I would like to apply to play test as well.  well over 30 years of RQ experience.  I'd try my damndest to find a way to break something if that's what you need.

Might be the only way to break something is to hit a trollkin over the head with a hardcover edition :D

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Well - I know some guys who can drive thru any holes with a Mack truck and a wrecking ball... It sometimes is hard to be on the receiving end of it... can be really entertaining to see... 

Mostly I am (always) worried that rules work (are fun and useful for players and GM) also on long campaigns which might have highend and sometimes even low end characters. 


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I'll tell you right now one broken thing about the old shaman rules in RQ3.  Something RQ 6 fixed.  The old shamans would just go out searching for Magic Spirits in the hopes of finding Str. Enchantments.  Always have a shaman who knows Strengthening enchantments and you can break your characters right there.  RQ 6 got rid of that spell and Armoring Enchantment too.  But they came up with my house rule (quite independently)  What I called Blessings, they called Gifts.  Robust was one such gift.  Bestowed by ones God, it was basically a Str Enchantment.  Only now the GM had full control and didn't have to wrangle with greedy shaman PCs or PCs who spent all their time seeking shamans to buy them from.

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