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Spell of Compulsion - Afadjann

Robin "RoM" Mitra

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As I understand it everybody under the spell of compulsion has the ability to pass it on to his or her slaves. So the Jann gives it to his General, he passes it on to his officers and they to their soldiers. Thereby quiet a large number of people probably wear the noose. At least that is how I understand the system.

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That's likely the Afadjanni system - but it is pretty much a "top-down" thing. Most people caught up within the machination of it all likely just get on with their lives whilst acknowledging the structure of the Ompalam Cult. That said, if you are a slave on a plantation it is pretty hard to ignore the sheer nastiness of the system (i.e. become a PC).

Afadjann is with pout doubt one of he major areas of Glorantha that is really hardly explored, sadly so.

A campaign development of "Harrek's Saga" would be great!!!

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