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  1. Lord High Munchkin

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    I was thinking more of Vadel's answer/justification to "Viymorn=Vivamort"
  2. Lord High Munchkin

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    Picture on p.12 Wyrm's Footprints #15
  3. Lord High Munchkin

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    "File your teeth flat, get the slaves to drain the blood for you, and you'll be fine!"
  4. Lord High Munchkin

    1652 Great Flood

    I wonder what happens in Pamaltela?
  5. Lord High Munchkin

    Drive skill

    My main point is that both ancient horse-driven chariots and wagons use the “throat and girth” harness (as in the chariot drawing - OK, outside China that is). This utilises a fair bit of tack and reins. Oxen use yokes and no tack. Controlling and driving a vehicle via reins is substantially different from having to use a whip, or actually walk holding the yoke of an ox-cart. A chariot-driver would be frustrated and slowed driving a wagon, while attempting to drive an ox-cart, they would be seriously hindered (hence 1/2 skill - actually I’d go for 1/4).
  6. Lord High Munchkin

    Drive skill

    True, the structure of the vehicle is different - but the method of "driving" is similar, but different to goading on oxen.
  7. Lord High Munchkin

    Fonritian Timeline

    I think what I'm more interested in is using an intermediate level event structure - more like the 'Regional Activity Table' (p. 555 GtG2), but slightly more wide-scale, to give more appropriate events. Looking at the timetable that Dave kindly gives is that it's too "all over the place" - background events for Fronritian are more localised and pretty urban in scope. There are huge region-spanning events (usually involving the Vadeli somehow), but they are unusual. It's the "middle" sized polities and cultural areas that I think need to be focussed on (as equivalents to 'Grazelands', 'Sartar', or Old Trash' etc.).
  8. Lord High Munchkin

    Drive skill

    I used to work for the local farm museum as a "agricultural vehicle restorer" (involved a bit of animal handling, and knowing your animals was key). Position of the driver matters hardly at all - it really is the animal; with that goes different harness types and so on (an ox is hitched in a very different fashion to that used with a horse and its harness). Harness is a major thing, you are always adjusting and sorting it out. Now, I do think chariots are different to carts and wagons (but far more similar than to ox-carts and wagons) - but that can be just handled by halving the skill. There shouldn't be separate skills.
  9. Lord High Munchkin

    Fonritian Timeline

    OK, trying to put together a Fonritian character generation proceedure and recent history for my players. Obviously, if anyone has an already assembled timeline it would help (I don't want to reinvent the wheel) - otherwise I am going to collect one together.
  10. Lord High Munchkin

    Drive skill

    I would rule that it depends on the animal. A chariot driven by horses uses the same skill as a wagon pulled by horses. A wagon drawn by oxen would be at half skill
  11. Lord High Munchkin

    The cost for enchanting weapon

    Like Roger Rabbit - "only when it's funny!"
  12. Lord High Munchkin

    Secrets of Mostali parquetry...

    I have polished tamped earthen floors in France using bullocks blood. We poured the blood over the earth and rubbed with rags for ages (well it seemed like ages as my back hurt badly after a while) until we got a nice shiny, and very resistant protein layer built up. The final result is very much like old fashioned linoleum. Polishing turds laid as a floor surface should be pretty similar.
  13. Lord High Munchkin

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    Ompalam and Garangordos.
  14. Lord High Munchkin

    Missing weapons

    Obviously the Mostali would replace every "grown" (ghastly "organic" stuff!!!) component with some much more acceptable manufactured parts.... Which raised the thought in my mind - do the Mostali actually use wood (in weapons, or even at all), or do they have some other dwarf-made alternatives?
  15. Lord High Munchkin

    Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

    My players once ran a vastly successful caravan to Pent loaded with household metal goods and as much gold as they could rustle up. This was bartered and traded for horses - lots of horses. The Pentans naturally tried raiding them but the PC party was too tough, and bribed the right people (they also, under "slightly mysterious" PC-type circumstances, procured a Lunar contract to supply horses). Not the naked bullion laundering that has gone on in Each history - but one can play the game.