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  1. I am one of the C&S5 writers - and no, RQG and C&S have equally about as complex combat as each other - C&S5 is, if anything, actually slightly simpler.
  2. Yes, new versions would be great - if possible with attention to topography of the site.
  3. It already exists... I certainly have had a SketchUp model knocking around on my computers for many years (I didn't create it though - I think it's from 2014 ish).
  4. Traditional, especially the older nation-wide, Chinese maps often had the south at the top - as that was the orientation the emperor would look from his (generally) northern capital as he faced that direction from his throne.
  5. Interesting.... RPG19164508 - Calm the Heart, Raise the Fists Game System: RuneQuest Roleplaying in GloranthaGM: David Millians The peaceful island of Wag Laan sits in the gentle waters of the balmy Suam Chow, the great inland sea of Kralorela, the Empire of Dragons. Fisherman and rice farmers work the water and land, all governed in peace by the wise and wealthy Nong Clan, but discordant struggles belie the calm and threaten everyone. Who is a hero? This scenario is for RuneQuest Glorantha and incorporates a preview of the new Draconic Mysticism rules. Guest DM author David Millians.
  6. Until the heroquest....
  7. It quite often seems small knives and such tools were carried on the outside of bigger/wider scabbards. Leather can be very easily wet moulded if under c. 5 mm.
  8. I suppose the Eurmali heroquest of "Eurmal the Manicurist" offering the "Mani-Pedi Special 2for1" is impossible?
  9. Perhaps the trolls are looking at it the wrong way round.... Don't mythically stop Kyger Litor from eating Gbaji, stop Gbaji from gaining and/or having claws.
  10. Personally I would definitely be (slightly) more interested in 'Harreksaga'.
  11. Don't you mean "Gloranthan Solar Time"?
  12. I have another different RQ3 version that someone called nikk posted online years ago. If anything even nastier.
  13. I had a long-running RQ3 campaign in which 'Roast Duck with Pelorian Sun Fruit' was a special favourite. A slow roast, to remove the duck's natural "greasiness", flavoured by the insertion of the spherical fruit up "where Yelm DOES shine".
  14. Seems like "proto God-Learnerdom" to me!!
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