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  1. Sadly Kafiristan was purged and the Nuristanis were converted.
  2. What this does show is that, as long as you are within a "pie-segment", the moon's phase is the same all across Glorantha (as long as one is in the same sector).
  3. Wasn't his cult written up for RQ3 in 'Enclosure'? Or was it just written up without mechanisms?
  4. Actually the original Europeans were black skinned, oddly with straight dark hair and blue eyes - a colour combination that no longer exists anywhere.
  5. I would only expect the Mostali to be able to cut gemstones. Basic grinding of crude facets might be possible in eastern Gerertela, but it's not really a thing that I would imagine would appeal (big rocks with fancy carving would be more applicable).
  6. I had assumed re-incarnation too.
  7. It's in Centerm, I believe until Wednesday at c. 08:00.
  8. Think World Wide Wrestling level entertainment (although the stars were on the level of Premier League football glitterati) - there would be favourites who were "baddies" and others "angels" who played up to the crowd. It was far more often a "show", not a "death-match". An untrained slave during the Augustian period cost c. 500 denarii - then they would have to be trained, fed, equipped etc. which would soon add up to a pretty large investment. Getting a "mega-star" gladiator back from retirement could easily be hundreds of thousands, so promotors typically had to pay gladiator houses extra for arranging fatalities (and those would be the prospects who hadn't worked out and shown promise). It was a business.
  9. There again, Dominate (Human) can be soooo much fun!
  10. No, I actually think there's probably quite a good market for a 360+ page book about warfare in central Glorantha. Osprey would be otherwise quite likely be out of business, as a fair number of their publications are very "niche". Don't underestimate the power of the Internet to gather quite large numbers of fans desperately eager for your work. To be honest. it would likely sell as well as 'King of Sartar' - I don't know if that's a commercial viable product for Chaosium, but I would probably say it would be a grand addition to their product range.
  11. I only have the first two of the series 'The Halls of the Dwarven Kings' and 'Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan' (there were four adventures published). I have forgotten almost everything about them though.
  12. Sounds like 'The Halls of the Dwarven Kings' by Integrated Games (tied in with Endless Plans) 1984.
  13. They are all likely broo - host species are probably quite varied (or at least the artists thought so).
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