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Unknown Armies Madness Meters


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I am not familiar with Unknown Armies but I believe the new Deltae Green has sanity styled after Unknown Armies. Having said that I did a quick search on the new Delta Green Agent's book and there was no mention of the madness meter.

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No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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9 hours ago, Archivist said:

Has anyone ported Unknown Armies Madness Meters to a BRP system (any). I know Nemisis ports them to One Roll Engine.

Its been bantered about here in the forums. Some have ported directly, not difficult as UA is % based. Others, myself included, have "adapted" a bit more. Note that I've not really had much of a chance to playtest any of this. In fact, I know this has changed since the last discussion here.:)  

I like to think of each as their own resistance. They start at 3-4x POW depending on the setting. The higher the %, the higher your resistance (naturally), and the higher the resistance, the more "hardened" you are to that stress. Checks can occur with either criticals or fumbles, and if a therapist is involved, then any "advancement" can be in the opposite direction, at the players choice. 

Critical = Solid and unfazed
Success = OK, but certainly fazed, -10% physical and mental skills
Failure = Shaken, –25% physical and mental skills, some other penalty that I haven't decided on yet (half movement?)
Fumble = feint, flight, or berserk (on next SR or DEX rank), players choice*

* This can be as simple as leaving the room quickly, plopping down dazed on the floor, storming out of the room, etc., up to what we would normally think of, again up to the player depending on the severity of the trauma they are facing. 

I started off with this assigning a number of points to a trauma, and then having the players subtract that value from their chance to succeed. I'm now thinking about perhaps assigning a % value to a trauma, and using opposed blackjack rolls, which would introduce a fifth success level (partial success).


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