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Been around a while. Read a lot.

Here's what I know about Jaldon:

He hates cities.

He has a weird mount, a weird sword, weird spirits.

He might be Waha. He can unite the tribes. He learned how to magically make teeth, and has some magic that let him (or was it Jorbal Rhino-khan?) chew through the walls of Pavis.

And that's it.

I think he's a sub-spirit/hero cult of Storm Bull, that his followers tattoo their faces into skulls, and they're berserks. But maybe not. Has there ever been a writeup? And I'm not asking for anyone to quote chapter & verse of the 300 words or so that are out there, mostly from Argrath's Saga--the stuff about Jaldon's Rest, how he'll come back, etc.

I mean a decent explanation of his powers.


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He's a Waha hero but has no magic to give unless they raid outside of the Wastes.

ive just finished writing about Jaldon for the Prax book. There's quite a bit known about him now. 

Jorbal summoned Great Rhino and smashed the Pavis Wall down.

Jaldon brought magic big toothed statues from the Plateau of Statues to eat through the walls.

Argrath used the dragons teeth the get through (with Jaldon).

What is it you want to know?

Update - I'm just putting my Jaldon notes and timeline in order. Obviously I don't want to put the whole text up her as it forms the basis for the Jaldon histories for the Prax book. I'mm put up the timeline notes as that explains pretty much Jaldon's background. We also know his involvement with Argrath and that's a pretty important part of Argrath returning to Pavis and it's downfall.

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This is much cut down, I'll try and post the next part of the timeline soon  

Jaldon's life timeline

890 Born on Waha's Birthnight. Bison tribe.
907 initiated in to the cult of Waha. Waha and the Statues. 
922 Begins raiding raiding Pavis and the river valley farmers.
923 Waha khan. 
924 leads invasion of Bison Riders, defeated by King Yanas.
925 Waha’s Birth Night, begins Waha’s Visionquest
926 Waha’s birth night he is pulled from Eiritha’s earth womb. He is undoubtedly Waha Reborn, channelling the son of the Storm Bull and the raw power of Eiritha. He displays his worthiness to be Bison Khan with the return of the Four Weapons of Waha; an unusual three-bladed sword, his oddly-shaped throwing discs, a lance which leaps out to reach its foe, and his pole lasso made from the hair of Eiritha herself. His awkward smile is changed and from now on he is called Jaldon Goldentooth. From across Prax many rally to his cause.
927 the Sky Gazers notice the Wagon in the sky begin to slow down. With this great omen, Jaldon leads a huge army of nomads against the city of Pavis. The zebra cavalry meet them in the fields south of the city and are destroyed. Siege of Pavis begins.
928-929 EWF send three small armies to attempt to liberate the city but each is repelled.
930 to 935 Many groups try to escape. Many succeed but as many are slaughtered. Mallia rises in the city. 
Jaldon and King Yanor meet on the Summit of Small Kings outside the city where Jaldon offers terms for surrender and ransom. King Yanor rejects and vows to fight on.  Yanor is assassinated by demons. His son Jaran becomes king.
940 Jaldon returns to the Plateau of Statues, taking a small piece of armstone from the walls of Pavis. At Jaldon’s Point, he returns from the Otherside. With him are the Eating Statues with their gleaming golden teeth, and pot bellies. The Eating Statues stride unopposed up to the walls of the city and begin to chew their way through. Finally sated, their bellies dragging them down, the Eating Statues slowly make their way back to Jaldon’s Point. There, the path to the otherworl was closed, and exhausted by their eating and walking they crumbled into a mass of rocks.
950-955 Reluctant Paps Khan.
One Holy day, returned from the Green Age with a lanky new mount he called Home - loved by Eiritha’s daughters as it was birthed by the Goddess herself.
When he could, he spent his time training his armies, instigating war games to teach them new tactics and tricks. He established the home hearths for the five tribes to allow the nomads practice defending fixed positions. These have become mistaken by outsiders to be the Tribal Altars of the Major tribes, of which there are no such fixed things. 
On the death of the most respected elder he was released. His unification of the divergent tribes under his rule as Paps Khan had created an efficient fighting force. His armies surged behind him into Dragon Pass. 
After many years of raiding and plundering, the desperate EWF brought Varajiia Nopor himself back to deal with Jaldon. Much outlandish magics scorched the earth between them, but Varajiia Nopor tricked Jaldon with his left hand when he turned a dragon into a river and drowned him. His body was dismembered, his remnants taken to his power place on the borders of Prax and assembled on his steed atop the great pile of rocks there. The victor had kept his most important part and so Jaldon could never return to Prax.

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My recollection is that the Great Rhino cracked the dome of the Temple of Pavis. I don't recall that he smashed the outer walls. That was Jaldon, wasn't it? And he his chewing magic from somewhere--but inspired by having been driven mad at the sight of the perfect teeth on statues from the Plateau. I've never seen reference to him having companions/slaves who were statues.

Jaldon is a Hero. Heroes often have cults or in this case, spirit societies. Are you saying Jaldon offers no magic to his followers?

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It was Toras Joran who cracked the temple walls, during the 17 foes of Waha phase.

Jaldon is cursed never to return to the Wastelands. He gives magic to those raiding with him. But not in the Wastelands. I haven't really looked at his magic, but heroes tend to give only one piece of magic, so it's likely to be a version of Kill Foreigner. He can also tell of two rare tasks of Waha - Waha and the Statues and the Four Magic weapons of Waha. I think these the first is unique to him, the other only comes back after he returns to the Wastelands with Argrath. Unique tasks are not unknown, Argrath did Waha and the Dragon, and so perhaps did Yazurkial Blue Llama. 

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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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