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  1. Magic along the lines of a 20m glow spot rune spell sounds perfect for Yara Aranis masters, bat cultists, and top-tier Lunar heroes.
  2. You could check out OpenQuest (26) and Revolution D100 (13). For starting values it sounds like a Fate pyramid would be good for you. The specific values could be anything.
  3. I'd like to suggest adding an LFG subforum for BRP and Chaosium-family games. (Looking for group, looking for players.) Examples on: reddit, rpg.net, enworld, Design Mechanism, peginc. There's more online gaming now and a lot of games are advertised in more than one place. I wouldn't expect a forum here to get a ton of traffic, but every outlet helps since BRP is a bit niche. Seems like good business to me. I'd add a top-level forum and make it prominent, placing it just above or below the Cult of Chaos forum, for example. For comparison, I don't remember ever noticing the Alast
  4. I think ring mail in the specific sense of armor with non-interlocking rings probably did not exist (except in Renaissance Italy and rarely in Asia) after reading this forum thread and a few things cited there. I don't see any good evidence that it did. The museum guide mentions broigne but not rings, and it's not a academic piece; there are no sources. I'm suspicious about the historicity of cuirboilli too. It existed, but I don't think the details of how much and how it was used are very well understood. But it doesn't bother me much because I think it's good for Glorantha, where br
  5. Here are some Unicode symbols for the most popular runes. I mostly chose the symbols that I think look best in Chrome on Windows 10. I've seen that some of the alternate symbols look better in Notepad on Windows 10. To avoid any confusion about what does and doesn't represent a rune, I excluded Latin characters. To keep a consistent look, I excluded emojis. There are some astrological symbols such as ♉︎ that look good in some renderings (in Chrome), but bad in others - including the way this forum renders them on the final page that you read. So I've excluded thos
  6. Yeah, it's a little weird. Your job as a temple guard is to prevent anything from needing to be avenged in the first place, not wait until it happens and then act. You could say the myths are about vengeance whereas the social role of the cultists is to be guards, though. They don't have to be perfectly identical. If someone crosses the line and trespasses, I think a guard could still mythically identify them as the right kind of enemy.
  7. There's no one answer and the answer to "could x possibly be y?" is yes. The texts don't directly answer the question and do say that Sartarite clans vary. All Orlanthi will vary even more. S:KoH talks about exogamy and a wide range of marriages so you can infer that typically the former will be a bigger deal. The parents of the RQG pregen Yanioth probably were not married - they could have been, but Vasana is only two years younger and her parents were married, whereas Yanioth's father is unnamed.
  8. Necro to discuss some details. This came up for me too: exactly when do the phases switch over? You can narrate that the change is gradual, but you might want to establish a switchover time for rules purposes. I don't think anyone knows the answer precisely. GtG 648 says "The Full Moon phase in Dragon Pass ... begins at sunset on Wildday". You could interpret that to mean the end of daylight on Wildday. Or you could interpret it to mean the previous dusk, based on "The Orlanthi arbitrarily divide the day into 24 periods termed hours, beginning at nightfall," from S:KoH 358. I
  9. I added some background notes to the first post: Earlier discussions: * Do spells have a visual component? . brp.org 2019 * Spell Manifestations . brp.org 2018 * bargaining chips . HeroQuest RPG list, Greg, Feb 5, 2004 Text in rule books about magic visibility: * RQG 248 and 315, HQG 146, S:KoH 82, HQ2 (HQCR) 111, HQ1 (HQ:RiG) 98, HW (HW:RiG) 163.
  10. Ideas: * go around to all the Darkness-related factions in the area (Cliffhome, Dagori Inkarth, Troll Woods, Shadow Plateau, Arkat's Hold, Ivory Plinth, Black Horse County) doing deeds and collecting wisdom * undergo the troll initiation and join the cult of Kyger Litor Neither of the above is directly mystical, but you could depict them as broadening the PC's consciousness. * join the cult of Subere, deep in troll territory * join the cult of Arkat, maybe through Argrath * join the cult of Jakazeel (Spirit, Zorak Zoran) or Yanafal Tarnils (Darkness) and learn from Lunar masters
  11. I don't understand why you think they would have had to engage in the debate. "We'll discuss the price of my horses after you're finished with your sorcery." "I'll debate you all night long as soon as you're ready to address the question on its merits rather than rely on that magic to turn our heads. So what's it going to be?" "Get the hell out of my temple."
  12. https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/HeroQuestRPG/20464.htmlThere's always a question in fantasy games about when you can use social or mind-affecting magic effectively, if ever. Will the people affected by the magic know about it (either they see you making the magic or they can tell that you did) - and if they do, when will they know and how will they react? GMs, how have you answered this for your Glorantha games? Some Glorantha rule books talk about which casting actions or magical effects are perceptible, up to a point. RQG is clear that rune magic is perceptible, and calls out
  13. I wanted to understand the Gloranthan calendar better, so I aligned the solstices and equinoxes to Earth's and came up with this table. The lineup was never quite intuitive when you have 4 seasons that are like the regular ones, plus 1¼ extra. This is cool; I never knew Storm 1st was January 1st, for example. Glorantha-Earth calendar alignment based on solstices and equinoxes (Northern hemisphere). Earth day = 87 + (1.2415 x Glorantha day). (365/284 = 1.2415.) Glorantha day = (Earth day - 87) x 0.8055. (284/365 = 0.8055.) --------------------------------------------------
  14. Thanks for the comments. "What's the goal, though? You want a more regular gain over adventures, free of the disappointment of a failed experience gain roll?" Mainly that. But also if you understand how fast the rules will advance PC skills in fictional time, it might be easier to plan a campaign, decide how often to do advancement, or decide that you need to house rule the advancement rules in order to get a certain game pace. It might also give you a more specific understanding of the worldbuilding compared to the novice/amateur/professional/master table. For example if I ha
  15. Roko Joko


    These notes from Jeff in 2014 (link) include 2 paragraphs at the end describing prayer as praise and supplication. It was the first hit for https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Awellofdaliath.chaosium.com+pray . Guide to Glorantha and Book of Heortling Mythology also have a bunch of search hits on pray.
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