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  1. Roko Joko

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    I don't really see it as tampering, more like reinterpreting. That said, in King of Sartar nothing protects the red moon from the dragons that tear it apart except maybe the moon's own powers of rebirth. Down With People according to https://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/the-lore-of-glorantha/. I recently stumbled across the classic Compleat Enchanter books and have to imagine they were an inspiration. "... parallel world tales in which [universes] based on the mythologies, legends, and literary fantasies of our world [can] be reached by aligning one's mind to them by a system of symbolic logic. [The main characters] travel to several such worlds ..." (wikipedia)
  2. Roko Joko

    Do Ostrich riders still exist officially?

    They hide their heads in the sand, and if they can't see you...
  3. Roko Joko

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    OK, well - when you say ... how do you think Yelm is different from dawn age Antirius? Concretely. How were his myths different? Likewise how do you think the current Antirius is different from the dawn age one?
  4. Roko Joko

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    Yeah, in a Glorantha context it would be interesting to have Traits be a special thing you can learn from certain cults. The rules already provide other ways to get buffs - rune augments, heroquest rewards, and spirit and rune spells - but if you want even more chrome that's a way to get it. Or if you just wanted to hack RQG to make it more like Rd100, with a smaller skill list.
  5. Roko Joko

    Hunting on a heroquest

    Maybe they just happen to be hunting something when they cross over, like a white rabbit, and that's the prepared item.
  6. Roko Joko

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    Say that crit and special results require a certain margin of victory and possibly also a certain absolute roll. Disallow outcomes where both parties crit or special, on the grounds (if desired) that they're not important to include and are more an artifact of the mechanics than anything else. If you're wondering how this plays in a game, I don't know, I've never done it. So it's my favourite in theory but not in practice. But I'm not attached to the opposed roll part of the core BRP mechanics or its consequences for combat, like the overall percentage of hits (which I'm not attached to, but if you are you can decrease the default success chance from 50%), or the way experienced fighters stalemate (which I'm not attached to either), or the advantage of ganging up (which I like, but other RPGs provide a lot of other ways to handle it). If anything I'd just as soon streamline out the double roll. Does that explain it?
  7. Roko Joko

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    One roll on the resistance table, simpler.
  8. Roko Joko

    Troll Diet

    "Uz: Kyger Litor eats chaos, thrives in darkness, and enjoys the coldest winters. She proved her people could survive by being themselves." http://www.glorantha.com/docs/devil/ I think all trolls eat chaos creatures. (In fact Brushi is a thing IMG.)
  9. Roko Joko

    River Boats on the Creek Stream

    Going by the trade route map on GtG p. 469, I think part of the main international trade route that's on a river only goes up to Duck Point. Then it turns east to through Boldhome and that section could be via the Creek, but there's also a Sartar Royal Road (GtG 188) which I think is meant to be the primary route. And come to think of it, once you get to Wilmskirk coming from the north, I'm not sure how much traffic actually goes through Duck Point, as opposed to turning south on the Hendreiki road to Karse. That branch is on the main trade route map, too. It makes sense that the river run from the Mirrorsea would end at the waterfalls southwest of New Crystal. Then there'd be another river run that might either end at the Marsh that's right there, or it would go through it. The Marsh is unlabeled in GtG/AAA but in Kerofinela Gazeteer it's the Pharaoh's Marsh and is said to be home to Newtlings. So maybe those Newtlings run that section of the river traffic. Then there's the section through Beast Valley to Duck Point. It makes sense that the Beastmen wouldn't let them run Ox-pulling teams. It'd be natural for that run to be controlled by duck barges, except after Kallyr's Rebellion when they were outlawed. GtG p. 469 also shows an alternate trade route through the dragon skull, but Jeff said it's smaller than the Sartar route (I think he said a tenth the size). I think the Beast Valley boats would also run up that tributary, but on the North side of the skull, Grazeland detail maps show those rivers as being very rough, so that section might be all land traffic. I don't know how much of the propulsion would be sailing, rowing, polling, or magic. Or swimming, which canonically is how ducks do it (Sartar p. 233). Polling feels like it'd be more for smaller rivers. I'd probably say it's primarily rowing. IMG the ducks can get through the Upland Marsh using land-or-water "duck boats" which are pulled by teams of beavers, together with the driver who uses an oar/pole along with their own feet, Flintstones-style. But The Lakes section of The River is also hard to get through, so I'm not sure how much international freight would bypass Boldhome. Small loads for special delivery, maybe.
  10. Roko Joko

    what are Plateaus like?

    Hmm, OK thanks. Also I forgot to check this first. http://www.glorantha.com/docs/postcards-from-glorantha/ It mentions the places I mentioned twice. "Sable Plateau 75, Benbulbin [irregular plateau type of thing in Ireland, small] We are looking here at the northern edge, which is nearly fifty miles wide. That shows that they are almost fifteen miles high (!)" "Shadow Plateau 230, Mardalsfoss [waterfall in Norway] Looking north, from the Mirrorsea" They're just cliffs (Benbulbin is kind of an outcrop) but we can use them for inspiration.
  11. Roko Joko

    what are Plateaus like?

    Shadow Plateau, Blue Moon Plateau, Hungry Plateau, Plateau of Statues. They're surrounded by lowlands, hills at most, with steep sides or cliff sides and a flat top. The texts don't describe them very specifically but that appears to be the general idea. Are there any places on Earth that are like that geographically? Devils Tower doesn't count, too small.
  12. Roko Joko

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Encounter balance is part of D&D culture and also is in the 1974 white box rules.
  13. Roko Joko


    She's obviously just Umath's feminine, rainbowy side.
  14. Roko Joko

    The Silence Spell

    The text you quoted means the spell suppresses noises enough that a failed Move Quietly is still quiet enough to count as a success.
  15. Roko Joko


    Maybe Umath's people became the Altinae.