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  1. Everyone's opinion is OK, but I was talking about exceptional stats rather than exceptional NPCs. Stating only stats that are exceptional, for anyone, and leaving other stats unstated/summarized/implied.
  2. Pardon my **** but personally I give very few ****s about whether Joe Cow****er has 53% Animal Handling or 61%. I want to know what novice, veteran etc. ranges are and how many skills people in different roles will have advanced, and how far. Then I can improvise it. I liked the RQ3 skill-points-by-year rules because they grounded skill numbers very objectively, and you knew exactly what they represented in terms of life experience. Exceptional stats for NPCs would be cool, to know if so-and-so has low SIZ or high Hates Nose Flute Music. But full traditional RQ stat blocks for everyone sounds like it would be a bit bulky.
  3. Separate thread:
  4. Picking up a HQ tangent from Darius West: "If you are using HQ... a Lunar can cast as many spells as they like without consequence." "in HQ by comparison you have to rely on GM fiat to say, "you can't keep casting the spell because I say so"." David Scott: "HeroQuest doesn't actually limit repeat actions, except augments." As Tim Ellis said in the other thread, no. First of all, NPCs don't have abilities. If you want to use a contest, it's a player contest to evade the Lunar magic. But if they did, or if a player wants to use magic repeatedly, "No Repeat Attempts A contest represents all of your attempts to overcome an obstacle. If you are defeated it means that no matter how many times you tried to solve the problem with your ability, you finally had to give up. You can try again only if you apply a new ability to the task or your Game Master agrees that special circumstances exist." HQG p. 59 HQ2 p. 24 HQ1 (similar text and the same heading) p. 63
  5. Not to be obnoxious but the answer is yes no matter what the premise is.
  6. quicktstart

    There aren't any. Different games depict slightly different versions of the world. That being the case, if I were you I'd say spirit magic spells live in charms and come with a taboo. (I've been wondering whether they would do that in RQ. Maybe they still will, but it sounds like probably not.) RQ still says you learn and accumulate spirit magic, though, and doesn't seem to expect you to swap out charms a lot. You'd have to fuss around further if you wanted that flavor as well. Can't help you there.
  7. Oh that's interesting, I thought he was just a particularly stylish wind lord. It's interesting in terms of the setting history because the gods are very rarely pictured directly. Like, Yelm on the Gods Wall isn't a picture of Yelm, it's a picture of the picture of Yelm on the Gods Wall. Get it?
  8. I might do it if I could incorporate the outcome into the rest of the 4 sessions.
  9. the tie fighter rune and the versailles rune
  10. Awesome. It's great as a general-purpose fantasy RPG resource / 5-room dungeon, too. (29-room, but same difference.) For the convenience of people using it in certain kinds of games, it might help to size the floor plans at the same scale as the illustration, and/or provide some kind of scale ruler. Are any windows or skylights in the upper floor?
  11. The 13th Age book preview has sections that discuss what runes mean for PCs thematically and sometimes in terms of personality. It looks like the same rune list as in HQG, but there's more and different text per rune. For Light I think there's plenty of personality stuff in the Yelmalio cult and mythology. (And I guess Elmal is also Light?) If you want to do Light-but-not-Yelmalio I don't know. The heat and light parts of the Fire rune don't seem to have an obvious distinction psychically. Maybe Light is the Truth part of Fire and Heat is everything else. One bit about Moon I liked was Thomas Iverson's first comment here:
  12. I'm not sure what " 'Just' Trait " you're referring to*, but weregild is pretty brutal. They have their own idea of what justice means. * Edit: I see, you must have been referring to "Mastery: Proud, Just, Authorative". ...One thing that comes to mind is from Making of the Storm Tribe myth in King of Dragon Pass where Orlanth makes conflicting promises to get different clans to join up and then when they all get together and complain about it, he "offers to fight each and every one of them". Ernalda gets him off the hook from that one.
  13. Really interesting chart. I'll hold off on my lore questions and speculation, but one point of feedback: for practical game reasons it might be nice to see Tradetalk on there.
  14. Do you need to say that you need a portal to come back? Seems like you could just as easily say that exiting a heroquest is easy, in general. For example IIRC heroes in King of Dragon Pass often get kicked out of heroquests involuntarily. Then, the theory might be more like: it takes an effort to remain on the Other Side, and typically what you do on a heroquest is run through a myth and then let yourself drop out either when you've completed it successfully or when things go badly. And you don't necessarily *have* to drop out when you're done with the heroquest, but you choose to do it because it's dangerous to sit there dorking around on the Other Side without the guidance of a myth.
  15. Moon Design defined Glorantha canon here: Canon and YGWV. The article is a few years old but it's still just about definitive, based on a few public comments I've seen since then.