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Thennla Sourcebook Now Available


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Thennla Sourcebook Now Available - Free Download
A fantasy world of ancient cultures, living gods, ambitious empires, crumbling dreams and powerful magic.
On the continent of Taygus the mighty Taskan Empire and the cunning Jekkarene Theocracy vie for control, while the decaying city-state empire of the Korantines seeks to extend its life by founding new cities and creating new goddesses. The Assabians watch with interest, their sorcerers extending their knowledge of the universe while the gods observe all with cool detachment.
Thennla is a world of magic and adventure. This introductory booklet gives an overview of the world that is further explored in the Mythras supplements Shores of Korantia and The Taskan Empire. Learn about the continent of Taygus, the magic of Thennla and even create your first adventurers from any of the ten cultures provided.
Fully compatible with the Mythras and Mythras Imperative rules, available separately.


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