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Tatouth initiation

Rob Darvall

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On 12/27/2016 at 2:42 AM, Rob Darvall said:

Does anyone have Tatouth myths that could be used in initiation?

As a Thunder Brother and ostensibly a "son of Destor" (i.e. a son of Orlanth), initiation for Tatouth would just be part of the standard Orlanth initiation.

Tatouth appears in two primary sets of stories:

  • The Downland Migration from the Spike - Tatouth scouted ahead, found the paths, and brought the news of what he found
  • The Plundering of Aron - Tatouth accompanied Destor and remembered everything Destor saw during the march to Aron

I would see "initiation" into Tatouth as more of a revelation that the initiate is the "Tatouth" type of wind/breath - he's the one who sets out first during the initiation, scouts ahead, brings back news, remembers the path, etc. rather than acting as Finovan the Raider or Starkval the Defender, etc. 

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I imagine that the Plundering of Aron forms a basis for initiation into Orlanth Adventurous.

Vingkot, in his guise of the Clan Chief, summons the Thunder Brothers/young Orlanth initiates, and tells them of the missing animals.

The initiates then have to plan and execute their own raid against the Enchanter/enemy clan.

During the raid, many will feel the pull towards a particular Thunder Brother.

When scouting, Tatouth and Ormadayla will call to their followers.

When raiding, Desemborth will whisper to one to just grab the cattle and run.

And Finovan will reward his chosen with the greatest skill during the raid.

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