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  1. especially if you run it as a campaign in which you gradually wear down the opposing wyter. I can see a great deal of game fun there as the PCs develop interesting attrition tactics that don't implicate them enough to bring immediate retribution (though that might be fun too).
  2. And I at least find this invaluable. An awful lot of my Glorantha is non-canon, used to be canon, and just plain made up. The extra sources can trigger a fun adventure, which is all I'm trying to provide.
  3. An entertaining read on protecting the precious words https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/protect-your-library-the-medieval-way-with-horrifying-book-curses?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=atlas-page&fbclid=IwAR1htIsc8mrqBT115tZXfqz6kQRmAolhwg3_HwEoZKs8zWizjxmbYuRflhM
  4. Not thinking of it as specifically the Napoleonic parole, but more in terms of what prevented the breach? A sufficiently powerful Gloranthan could simply flee the situation, as could an officer who"d given their parole. Why would/did they not? Also, is this a RW example that militates against pragmatic munchkinnery?
  5. Going back to ransom, what kept the officers in the napoleonic era from breaching their parole? There was enough cross channel traffic that breach would have been comparatively easy. A similar mechanism may apply at least within cultures.
  6. Bless pregnancy Ernalda as a generalist (less effective) version with Eritha as the specialist for domestic animals (with a crossover for minotaurs)? Reflected as an Erithan RP being worth two Ernaldan ones? Also Bless Pregnancy being a specific blessing whereas Bless Herds just increases the average. Reproduce being the same. I.E. the corn is individually more fertile but it will take a metric shittonne of RP to cover the whole crop. Hence Bless Crops. For my 2 clacks anyway.
  7. MIG*, even if it's a scanned PDF of the original. I cannot emphasize enough just how useful this reference is. *The Meints Index to Glorantha. I only have the 1996 version but it answers all these questions within its time frame. It's usually enough as the more recent work is on the Chaosium site.
  8. This "Can we argue about how many pins we can stick n the head of an angel?" (Zozotroll Apr 21). To be clearer, the deep geekhood (read erudition) of the fan base. With the possible exception of Tekumel, you won't learn more real world knowledge from an RPG community than you will from this one. And you'll enjoy it.
  9. ROFL Why does this not surprise me?
  10. Love them. Somewhere on the web are my stories of the "Hob of Highspring" and "The New Plough". Both inspired by Briggs's "Dictionary of British Folk Tales" which is a great source for domestic sprites.
  11. Even then. Edit: Especially then
  12. Now you've Pratchetted me. Mental image of the Fool's Guild fire brigade.
  13. Tell that to my pre-teen nephews. The semi-terror of missing and vast excitement generated every time a leg comes off is worth the bookkeeping.
  14. But still very useful in compiling a campaign when I'm going "now where was Darjini pottery mentioned?" or the like. (I exaggerate, but only a little)
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