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  1. Canon is the loot box from which you take what you need for your adventure. Everything is "canon enough" to be used. If it sparks an idea, steal it. Argue about it online later. (That's fun too) {Just avoid windmills}😁
  2. But "What deeds could be done in the name of honor?"
  3. Probably because they are "named companions, so important companions of the great Argrath". If you're fighting them you take extra precautions to make absolutely sure those bastards stay dead. You know who they are so you can set up particular, personal hells just for them. They are actually strategic considerations and so worthy of a strategic response.
  4. What it needs is a Kigor Litor write up. But the combination of the two may destroy the world.
  5. Re: Various persons burden rhetoric. This generalisation about empires and stability has been made for everything from Hamurabi onward. The examples I have seen are mostly drawn from research into the Mongol Empire. How the Mongols managed the white man's burden I have yet to discover.
  6. This being the nature of empire it's not restricted to the Lunars. That said, the opposite seems just as bad. The times of greatest peace, stability, and prosperity are under strong empires. (NB this is not to say EVERYONE got peace etc, just a greater proportion). For my money these conflicts are an important part of the Gloranthan dichotomies. 'We are all us'/ 'no one can make you do anything' and we'll kill you to make you recognise that.
  7. Thanatar. I read it when CoT first came out and became illuminated. It was the first time I understood why people would become chaotic. I can even see a peaceful transition and succession planning in the more civilised temples. The old high priest being a willing sacrifice so that their knowledge lives on. If ever I have a RW Evil Empire it will be because I've learnt Thanatar's cult secrets. Then Gaumata's Vision. The little people are doomed if the Good Guys win. They're even more doomed if the Good Guys lose.
  8. Or that he worked with the tools he was given. Monomaniacal I'll agree with. He had to be to defeat (if he did) the Lunar Empire. No one but a single minded fanatic (or group of them) could have done so from the position Sartar/Heortland had in 1615. And yes bringing back Sheng was crazy and probably desperate. So was releasing/enabling The Crimson Bat. Or building Lord Death on a Horse. Or any of the other answers to the Hero Wars. "The land is afflicted with a hero." The fall of empires is always bloody, traumatic and generally devestating for the populace. It could be argued that sacrificing populations to the Bat would be a better outcome in terms of numbers than what it took to eliminate the beast. The victims might disagree.
  9. Emperors murder innocents. That comes with the job. Sheng or Daxdarius, there's no difference from the PoV of killing the innocent. Only the choice of innocent varies. Satar might be the exception. I can't recall his history well enough off the top of my head.
  10. I'm combining it with the Bushido and War Law battle tables to run combat for groups over 15 in number.
  11. Which works to put time pressure on the party. They have adventured. Now they have to bolt back to the nearest shrine to recover the RP they expended. Or they have to keep enough RP in reserve to create their own temporary shrine and worship ceremony. Which means they discover WHY worship is communal and Priests are serious players in the world.
  12. There is definitely an economy, just not a cash economy. A barter and favor economy as Dissolv says. The price lists were for the benefit of Pavis games and the like where you are running semi-murder hobos in the outdoor dungeon with associated mercantile village. Some potential armour getting: Inheritance. you get a few bits and pieces from the household. Particularly a strong hat and spear so you can participate in the Fyrd. Fyrd service. Outstanding service merits rewards from your chief. Possibly woad, protection spells, or armour. Also remembering that their mothers may well have protective spells. I'm damn sure I'd cast them on my kids before battle. Loot. Take it from your enemies. Six Seasons has a bunch of those. Finding old stuff in odd places. Everything from a couple of flint arrow heads to EWF harness. Make the getting part of play.
  13. I note that both Kallyr and Leika, the well established NPCs, get sidelined and Argrath of Pavis/Whitebull/some-other-vague-ekename sits as a place holder for ...the PCs. If they fail then "Argrath" succeeds pushing the metaplot forward and handing you plot hooks. If the PCs succeed then "Argrath" succeeds and the metaplot hands you the next plot hook in the form of Argrath's next challenge. PCs can become the messiah {1} (and /or very naughty boys) depending on their own actions. It's not that Argrath assumed some of what the players do, it's that what the players do makes them "Argrath". They become liberator/messiahs to go on to greatness or be crucified (or both) depending on their actions and the roll of the dice. For my purposes it's the plot hooks that matter. If the canon generates them well and good. If my players derail them "Argrath" means I still have ways to run the Cradle/Windstop/Dragonrise without forcing my players into a set outcome for THEIR adventure. {1} Concept{2} shamelessly stolen from Andrew Logan Montgomery Six Seasons in Sartar https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/313871 {2} The multiple messiahs concept also underpins Monty Python's Life of Brian; as the final long shot can imply.
  14. Both this for my Pavis campaign AND I want a solid Elmal/ Yelmalio conflict in my Far Place stuff. I know. Unadulterated greed.
  15. 1613. I can play into 1625 as campaign from there. Going backwards is harder.
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