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  1. A "bird" from a race cursed because of their support for Orlanth? A good lawspeaker could make a case. But then: A good lawspeaker could make a case. You could have both, with an argument between ancestors thrown in for more MGF.
  2. Or the heroquest they experience could determine their gender (or their initial gender at least). Much as environmental factors determine the sex of many aquatic creatures (crocodiles, clown fish etc) in the RW.
  3. Isn't that Afadjann? During the Fortunate Strangulations?
  4. Overheard in at a village cidersup in Sartar: "Yeah, 'e's a monkey, what of it? 'e's a dab 'and wiv a sling, gets the crop in, and mucks in wiv the rest of us. You got a problem wiv 'im; you got a problem wiv us." Seperate thought: I don't see Gloranthans understanding racism as we see it. Their bigotries are based on religious and tribal/clan/city affiliations. IMG Mello Yello would be refused entry to Yelmalio, esp. in Sun County, because he'd make a crap spearman and weaken the shieldwall, not because he's a baboon. Prejudice against Praxians in Pavis is because they tri
  5. Speculating out loud: Would this mean this mean that Pavis is, as it is so often, the oddball in that its Geo's is NOT a caravanserai but a dodgy pub in a back alley? It seems logical that they've been forced out of plusher quarters by the Lunar occupation and can no longer offer stabling and storage. Is there still a connection with their old premises? All Riders (O4) looks like a good candidate.
  6. And are an inovation of Sartar's as part of his harmony work in building his kingdom. O-25 in P:GTA and P&BR.
  7. One of my groups consists of two dodgy farmers from the Garhound/Sun County border running hazia up to Pavis. They both have whole households in the background keeping the farms marginally solvent in the good years. As Bill says, the NPC's and community are vital but don't have to be foregrounded in the narrative
  8. In the way back when there was an article about Humakti sacrificing their "hearts" eg. such-and-such a Humakt tradition emphasised sacrificing the Heart of Joy. Does anyone remember where and who wrote this?
  9. Yes. Not attacking you. Just looking at it from another perspective. I apologise if it came off as agressive. While I agree that the Orlanthi are conservative my take is that 15% of the population going to "unusual" cults is usual enough that their conservatism can encompass it. Even as recently as my parents' generation space was made in normal, VERY conservative, society for folk we now call mentally ill. My narcoleptic grandfather and schizophrenic great uncle both had ordinary space in a conservative community. It's a case of "different but kin". In a preindustrial society, particu
  10. Or it could be that they were chosen early to a form of Shamanhood, Odayla, or other esoteric calling. It does not have to be a negative. The star can just be unusual instead of wrong. That said anything that drives a person to Eurmal is pushing the boundaries. Though I do use it for cases like the village idiot, where someone who is kin still needs a place in the clan. #notalltricksters
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