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    RQ2 since circa 1980. Various others. Long hiatus now introducing the kids. Wrote some stuff for RQ which I think is still online somewhere.
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    Just starting P&BR campaign.
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    Toowoomba Qld Oz
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    50, stiff, sore, and cranky. Also a grognard.

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  1. Rob Darvall

    The 'Tone' of Prostitution in Glorantha

    Thank you. I've just got the scenario hook I need for my BG player.
  2. Rob Darvall

    Swords of Central Genertela

  3. Rob Darvall

    New player

    Happy dance.
  4. Rob Darvall

    New player

    "The Widow's Tale" by Penelope Love. Probably OoP but worth a look on ebay.
  5. Rob Darvall

    Sun County Templars' and militiamen's cult ranks

    Would that imply lower rates of "I" initiation in Peloria as the state makes daily life safer?
  6. Rob Darvall

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    The Calendar dictum. Keep track of the impending holy days. In game power gain rolls via worship can ease the discontent of the once a season stat check.
  7. Rob Darvall

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Many. Trolls are the most obvious for me (examples being the Szazdof and Krang's table), then various tombs (eg King Berevenenos' Grave), all the basements in the Big Rubble (Eg the buried remains of the temple of Labrygon under the Blind King's Palace), the temples of opponents, chaotic and otherwise, (EG Rabbit Hat Farm or possibly The Paps), cave hideouts (Muriah's gang and Five eyes). Dwarf workings, preferably abandoned to a later occupant, but still working if you need to kill off the party. And then you get into Snakepipe Hollow. Each can have several rationales in the same scenario for looting by your favourite murder hobos . Just being chaotic is a good one. That makes the raid a religious duty for much of Glorantha. Various kidnappings and theft of treasures by the inhabitants. Strategic threat to your established or would-be established center (trolls are a good choice here as are the temples of enemy gods). Suppression of political opponents is frequently a motive for Lunar troop raids on Orlanthi and Storm Bull temples. Generalised vagabond looting by the foolhardy might prompt raids on underground Earth temples (you'd have to like life as a castrato though). The war between the various Earth factions in Esrolia might go down that rabbit hole. Simple bigotry of the "I hate Trolls" type can do it, especially as we now have passions as a mechanism to drive this. Glorantha abounds with the ruins of millenia's of civilisations, much of which was either built below ground or has been buried by time and circumstance.
  8. Rob Darvall

    Prax Ostrich Combat Jockets = Terrible IRL

    Which may be the real reason for not deploying the Bat to Prax. It's logistics corps are also its emergency food reserve; which would rapidly deplete in Prax.
  9. Rob Darvall

    Swords of Central Genertela

    MGW now V in that high lama saddle girths incorporate two mounting assists. The upper being a bone peg from which the rider does a one handed (to allow the carriage of weapons etc) pullup so as to allow the feet to reach the lower rope loop. Showy mounting involves a running leap to get the foot into the lower loop without using the peg. Hilarity ensues when the Llama takes umbrage at this behaviour.
  10. Rob Darvall

    Hunting on a heroquest

    Not if there's a giant enraged chicken involved.
  11. Rob Darvall

    Hunting on a heroquest

    Regardless of the players IMHO.
  12. Rob Darvall

    Hunting on a heroquest

    Works so well for Odayla, particularly if you you use the John Hughes/ Michael Raaterova "Animal Twins" stuff.
  13. Rob Darvall

    Rules for bar fight?

    I'd use punch and kick RAW with one mod. Any head punch with a bare (or even merely gloved) fist causes parry damage to the fist concerned.
  14. Rob Darvall

    2 cults at the creation

    Thanks for that (and M-space). I've loved the TNE setting for years, but not the system. (Apologies for the OT, and back to your scheduled programming)
  15. Rob Darvall

    How are Traits and Passions Working Out for People?

    They work wonderfully. I've house ruled that if the piper (bagpipes) succeeds everyone gets +5% on their first strike. So now the party accompanies any frontal charge with piping (and I get to haul out my bagpipe cds).