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  1. What are the capital crimes in Orlanthi society? I think I remember "Consorting with Chaos" being one. Crimes meritting formal capital punishment have probably put the criminal outside the honor system already.
  2. But what would they return with? In The Far Place no one can hear you scream?
  3. Remember that the intelligentsias' reaction to Tolkien was "Not another fucking elf. ..." and that was his friend. JRR is now a serious branch of literary scholarship. Now that postmodernism has openned the way for our little hobby to be considered as the serious collective creativity it is, I can see this happenning. Because it proceeds from a postmodernist premise. YGWV pretty much encapsulates postmodernism. Greg, Barker, and to a lesser extent Gygax, and their successors and collaborators have produced a genre that requires co-creation and multiple viewpoints on the world. The f
  4. The bloke who showed us at school was hitting, reasonably consistently, large milo tins at the length of the running track. Which means he's hitting a roughly 200mm by 200mm target at 50m-ish. I never saw whether it penetrated or not. I also don't know if he was exceptional at it or not.
  5. So why, exactly, are you striking rhino riders across the flanks with a riding crop?
  6. And more than most of us expected. Thanks.
  7. There was once a fairly horrific take on Voriof that involved fighting Telmori through the mechanism of ritual cannibalism. While it was definitely non-canonical it was well done enough to provide an interesting perspective. You got a definite feeling of life on the edge and what Pratchett called "the dreadful algebra of neccessity."
  8. My son just suggested etching it into a cliff face. A wall if you will.
  9. I love Andrew's stuff but my two most used and looted JC scenarios are Rocks Fall & Stone and Bone. Little adventures I can slot in quickly.
  10. A "bird" from a race cursed because of their support for Orlanth? A good lawspeaker could make a case. But then: A good lawspeaker could make a case. You could have both, with an argument between ancestors thrown in for more MGF.
  11. Or the heroquest they experience could determine their gender (or their initial gender at least). Much as environmental factors determine the sex of many aquatic creatures (crocodiles, clown fish etc) in the RW.
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