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    RQ2 since circa 1980. Various others. Long hiatus now introducing the kids. Wrote some stuff for RQ which I think is still online somewhere.
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    Just starting P&BR campaign.
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    50, stiff, sore, and cranky. Also a grognard.

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  1. I'd say pretty much ALL gods except CA. Mechanisms and triggers would be different, Hon Eel frex being much more likely to do so than Lankor Mhy.
  2. Thank you for this insight. My (much extended) Gifts of Prax interlude has gain another episode.
  3. One of my players is an "Allied" spirit of a would be Khan of a near extinct sept of Rhino riders (another PC). He can transfer between the Rhino and a Rhino-horn knobkerrie. He's the much reduced wyter of the near extinct sept of Rhino riders so the question is who is the ally and who the primary partner in their relationship. The spirit naturally believes he is the important one. Watching a 14yo role play a rhinoceros is proving endlessly entertaining.
  4. Aha! I now know where Balvor Foglegs's (PC in the current campaign.) journey is going.
  5. Hibernate, like any sensible Odaylan.
  6. These two things work together at my table to produce an extra bit of urgency to beetling about Prax. Leading to low RP characters taking risks to get home in time. AKA plot hooks.
  7. Potentially like the fechtbuch of the late middle ages onward. Technique described (with varying degrees of clarity) and hopefully accompanied by useful illustration. A good fechbuch could also increase the writer's Reputation, if he studies his Agrippa.
  8. Spirit magic is proving vital to my players. The scenario has been tough enough that they are counting down the days until the next worship ceremony. And desperately scrambling to complete the quest and get back to a temple. As a result they're hording rune magic like it's 1980. Spirit spells are their go-to magic ATM.
  9. Raveena remains one of my favourite pieces. Her story can be seen on her body and face.
  10. My Morocanth all sound like Frank Spencer (I've no idea how this happenned)
  11. What are the capital crimes in Orlanthi society? I think I remember "Consorting with Chaos" being one. Crimes meritting formal capital punishment have probably put the criminal outside the honor system already.
  12. But what would they return with? In The Far Place no one can hear you scream?
  13. Remember that the intelligentsias' reaction to Tolkien was "Not another fucking elf. ..." and that was his friend. JRR is now a serious branch of literary scholarship. Now that postmodernism has openned the way for our little hobby to be considered as the serious collective creativity it is, I can see this happenning. Because it proceeds from a postmodernist premise. YGWV pretty much encapsulates postmodernism. Greg, Barker, and to a lesser extent Gygax, and their successors and collaborators have produced a genre that requires co-creation and multiple viewpoints on the world. The first two mentioned are highest up my list due to the coherence of their worlds. There's little point in comparing "their" creations to Tolkien. They inhabit different genres and philosophical approaches.
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