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  1. I rolled a 1 when I aimed that one then.
  2. Add triplets from a Bless Pregnancy. Cue Benny Hill chase music.
  3. In my first year of uni there were 4 Robs in a cohort of 25. My son in a class of 21 had 2 other Connors. Just on my anecdotal experience ( and more of the same as it repeated in most of the uni classes I taught) I'd expect 3 to 4 Vargasts in any cohort of around 20. More if the clan is less cosmopolitan than Melbourne in the early 2000s (pretty much a given). And mine is a society in which given names carry very little to no mythic significance. Compare the prevalence of Patrick and Michael among early 20th C Irish populations. Even then they did not have various ancestors dropping in to potentially take offence at the current naming practices. conclusion: Vargasts are able to multiply to the extent that confusion is required in your game. If it serves to have them be the same, then they are. If it serves better that the PCs be confused, then they are. (now I have an idea for a Eurmali casting Create Illusory Nomenclature. "Can we call you Bruce to save confusion?")
  4. Nope, but my marginalia in ToTRM 12 have led me to p85 of ICE's War Law. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks Bill ToTRM wasn't it?
  6. A long time ago someone wrote some Battle rules similar to KAP's but giving more specific opponents. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? cos I don't. I don't even recall the system other than that it is not KAP.
  7. As with most God Learnerism, was this simply to allow enough info for groups to create their own shamanism?
  8. Sorry Bill. Glorantha is my happy place since the RW one burnt. Trying (failing) not to think about fires here.
  9. I'm a volunteer firey in Australia. (Fortunately I've only had to stand by so far) Thanks for the LoL I needed it. (And I'm thinking of raiding Dubbo Zoo for their rhinos)
  10. Not as deliberately brutal, but there are still the "wicked uncles". Even if they are holding back to ensure the boys survival they are still introducing a mythic peril which may partly offset the lower infant mortality so evening out the death rate in Gloranthan pre-teens to something closer to RW stats, just at a later age. Still, a serious flogging every year between 7 and 20 is probably worse than Gloranthan initiations. The Shargashi might be similar.
  11. I always found the Death story arc to be VERY Heroquesty, esp Hogfather. I'll go back and re-read the dialogue (can't stand the movies. They don't do justice to my mental images, or Kirby's covers). A Rhino and his boy, surely? A sentient rhino in a city of tight alleys, how could slapstick NOT be part of this? Not to mention getting in to Gimpy's.
  12. Yes the beast. He'll act as a sort of allied spirit for his RW brother's Asst Shaman character (cue tragic backstory); being ridden as Rhino and carried as Knobkerrie. I went with remnant wyter so I can preload him with lots of magic to make up for the lack of limbs. We also intend to do a Rhino's only session where we flashback to their genesis. I'll go through my copy of "Fuzzy Heros" in lieu of "Pl├╝sch, Power und Plunder". The person most excited by the notion is my 49yo brother (Rhino-boy's uncle). Praxian steeds can be stabled, but they're unlikely to get through Riverside alleys well. Though a Rhino may well go through Riverside housing without much bother. Bill's hilarity angle is looking decidedly likely. Now to work out how I get him onto the second floor.
  13. Yet another nephew (12yo) wants to play as the group's Rhino. To work this in with my very urban Pavis game I'm running a YGWV scenario in which he's the much reduced remnant of the clan wyter which can transfer between the rhino and a rhino horn knobkerrie (an idea which delights him). Has anyone got tips and tricks they've used for this sort of thing?
  14. Argan Agar is a husband protector for Ernalda. Does this give him access to Bless Pregnancy and so away to subvert the Curse of Kin? If so, what does this mean for Uz politics? Does Kyger Litor oppose the myth because it reduces her power in Uz culture? Or does she support it to her own cost because it increases the number of healthy Uz births? How limited is Bless Pregnancy in this situation?
  15. A thought I had while dozing this morning is that intitiation can be a significant contributor to pre-adult mortality. Cultures are not doing the initiation because it's easy or safe, they're doing it because it's mythically necessary. IDK what the mortality rate among Spartan initiates was, but I'd posit that it was lower than among Gloranthans. This is simply because Gloranthan initiations can have genuinely hostile entities participating (ala Red Cow).
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