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  1. Or my phenomenally mathematical 2nd youngest nephew who is usually yelling "special" just as the dice stop rolling. 😊
  2. I still don't get why they remain mammalian; unless, as Ian Absentia writes, they've been bred as ambassador/spies among humans. "The far end of the plant spectrum" seems much more likely for day to day Aldryami. Even then, what role do motile plants play in the forest ecosystem? They seem like very expensive defense systems when you could just mobilise forest dwelling animals.
  3. Tangentally you can enhance punji stakes with what we used to call "bastard wire". Rope, vine or in our case single strand barbed wire tied between the stakes to create a serious trip hazard to anyone moving faster than a very slow careful walk. Cf falling damage above.
  4. Or I could just drag out the 2 and a bit I did for Runequest, back before I realised that noone cares if Banazir's last name is pronounced Galbasi or Galpasi. Enough for verisimilitude is actually not much at all, and far less than done by either Baker or Tolkien. (Although I'd love to be able to make tri-lingual puns)
  5. Steam version does have the soundtrack.
  6. Though that could be backstory again. The caption does say she's young, maybe she has tatts to earn?
  7. In all my reading the Dunstop troops come over as a bit of a provincial joke. Then you see this bloke. Not so funny any more.
  8. That sounds more like a Gor than Vinga to me. It's getting into the territory of ritual cannibalism and wanton destruction. My take on Vingans is that while they're aggressive and combative they're not actually bloodthirsty. Vengeance is undertaken for reasons other than simply the glory of killing, unlike the Gors for whom killing is an end not a means. (It may serve other purposes, but it's worth doing of itself). Vingans may well glory in the fighting, but the killing is a side effect in that case.
  9. That is a very interesting idea. Flensing can give rise to quite complex shapes (personal, though accidental, experience here too) Though they do seem to fade after a decade or so. The addition of funeral ashes would probably make for raised scarring. Would keloid scarring be considered ritually significant if it occured spontaneously?
  10. But usually of other people, no?
  11. especially if you run it as a campaign in which you gradually wear down the opposing wyter. I can see a great deal of game fun there as the PCs develop interesting attrition tactics that don't implicate them enough to bring immediate retribution (though that might be fun too).
  12. And I at least find this invaluable. An awful lot of my Glorantha is non-canon, used to be canon, and just plain made up. The extra sources can trigger a fun adventure, which is all I'm trying to provide.
  13. An entertaining read on protecting the precious words https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/protect-your-library-the-medieval-way-with-horrifying-book-curses?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=atlas-page&fbclid=IwAR1htIsc8mrqBT115tZXfqz6kQRmAolhwg3_HwEoZKs8zWizjxmbYuRflhM
  14. Not thinking of it as specifically the Napoleonic parole, but more in terms of what prevented the breach? A sufficiently powerful Gloranthan could simply flee the situation, as could an officer who"d given their parole. Why would/did they not? Also, is this a RW example that militates against pragmatic munchkinnery?
  15. Going back to ransom, what kept the officers in the napoleonic era from breaching their parole? There was enough cross channel traffic that breach would have been comparatively easy. A similar mechanism may apply at least within cultures.
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