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  1. In the way back when there was an article about Humakti sacrificing their "hearts" eg. such-and-such a Humakt tradition emphasised sacrificing the Heart of Joy. Does anyone remember where and who wrote this?
  2. Yes. Not attacking you. Just looking at it from another perspective. I apologise if it came off as agressive. While I agree that the Orlanthi are conservative my take is that 15% of the population going to "unusual" cults is usual enough that their conservatism can encompass it. Even as recently as my parents' generation space was made in normal, VERY conservative, society for folk we now call mentally ill. My narcoleptic grandfather and schizophrenic great uncle both had ordinary space in a conservative community. It's a case of "different but kin". In a preindustrial society, particu
  3. Or it could be that they were chosen early to a form of Shamanhood, Odayla, or other esoteric calling. It does not have to be a negative. The star can just be unusual instead of wrong. That said anything that drives a person to Eurmal is pushing the boundaries. Though I do use it for cases like the village idiot, where someone who is kin still needs a place in the clan. #notalltricksters
  4. I don't know if it's still (or ever was) canon, but Ressurection gives you a chance at the "relife sickness" which I take to be an increase to your death rune in RQG. Sufferers of the sickness tend toward converting to Humakt. I'm fond of it as it increases the penalties for getting your character killed without losing the character altogether. It's also another source of Humakti.
  5. My youngest player started at 7yo. Plays with the full ruleset and I just run Lines and Veils where his cousins (ranging from 8 to 21) and middle aged uncles engage in narrative stuff beyond him. One of his cousins is my daughter, another my neice. Neither have had a problem with the full ruleset. If anything it's the middle aged uncles who avoid the combat. My then-15yo neice plays a BG who ritually eats the livers of evil-doers (this will have repercussions later in the campaign). It is a game of make-believe and kids are very good at those. The rules are not too complex, it's the narrative
  6. Darts. WW1 dart bombing tactics might be more appropriate.
  7. Or this can be ALL axe maidens, just not all (or even most) of the time. This look is reserved for those moments when there's an urgent need to increase the "wang to hand ratio" (thank you Ian). Just the idea that any Axe Maiden CAN look like this if she chooses is a factor in preventing the need for that choice. And it means they get the chair they want at Lilina's.
  8. I'm enjoying my niece's characterisation. Much as you did she plays cold & methodical. Right up until she coldly & methodically releases death incarnate. But that's a religious thing. She doesn't do it on a whim. Eating peoples' livers is reserved for those moments when the cosmic order is in danger. Her character has an outstandingly high intimidate skill.
  9. My take is that Vinga is seeking personal vengance, Babeester Gor is seeking vengance for the Earth. The impersonal nature of their unleashing a horrific berserker rage is part of what makes them so terrifying. The Vingan sees her target as a person to be slain. The Gori sees them as a blot to be cleansed. Hence Vigan revenge is "honorable battle" while Gorite vengance is a very messy cleaning chore. Something that just has to be done, making the target's honour irrelevant.
  10. Sneaking in to see the significant other becomes a REAL commitment.
  11. You have doomed yourself, but it's a fun doom to have.
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