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Geo's Inn destroyed bu Lunars!


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2 hours ago, Tobbe-A said:

they did destroy one inn in 1618 ST

I only find that reference in the Dragon Pass Gazeteer, not in any of the Sartar-related material since then (which include the Runegate, Duck, Creek, Jonstown, and Boldhome Inns).  It wouldn't be among the inns in Grazelands or by Wintertop.  The main event in 1618 is the destruction of the Dundealos, so the Always Open Inn, which is near their territory seems the most likely in my mind.  (But it could be something recorded in a house campaign noted in TotRM.)

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Geo's Always Open Inn seems a likely candidate, being the Geo's closest to the New Lunar Temple. MGWV :)

I dug up some esoteric background to Geo's in Tales of the Reaching Moon #3 (1990), Greg sez – "The first Geo's was Geo's Ridge Inn, located at the northern edge of the Quivin Hills, just south of Jonstown. During his life he opened other inns in each of the cities founded by Sartar (Wilms Church, Swenstown, Jonstown, and Boldhome), and these inns: Geo's Always Open Inn, Geo's Last Stop Inn, Geo's Creek Inn and Geo's at Runegate." – The Cult of Geo is copyright Greg Stafford 1979, 1990. it originally appeared in issue one of Different Worlds Magazine.

The map in TotTR #3 is the same as in the Dragon Pass Gazeteer (2003).




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49 minutes ago, Pentallion said:

The Soon to be Open Again Inn

That might depend on whether the Crimson Bat stopped by for a snack either in its journey to and from Quackford or enroute from the New Lunar Temple to Wilmskirk in early 1620.  The Always Open Inn is unfortunately very close to both routes. :(

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