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April 2017 News


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The observant among you will notice that spring has allegedly arrived. 

Those who succeeded critically in their Perception roll may also notice that we didn't publish a Mythras Monthly scenario in March - this was mainly due to PeteCon and getting Luther Arkwright: Parallel Lines ready for print, but we'll be resuming during April with a Classic Fantasy module: N1: The Terror of Ettinmarsh by Peter Webster. It should be ready around mid-late April, and there'll be the usual announcements.

Mythic Britain: Logres is now shipping from our US distributor and is available from Aeon too.

Luther Arkwright: Parallel Lines is completing a final proofing and will then be heading out to the printer. This is a softcover book, 172 pages, and contains 8 complete missions for Valhalla agents spanning multiple parallels. There's months of play value in this single volume and we're looking forward to getting it into your hands.

We've also been busy receiving manuscripts for various projects. Mythic Constantinople is into editing, After the Vampire Wars is in pre-prep, and we have various Classic Fantasy modules in different stages of readiness. It's going to be a busy year.

Finally, because spring has sprung, I've (finally) added a dedicated character sheet page to our website - http://thedesignmechanism.com/character-sheets.php - if you have a homegrown character sheet, especially a form-fillable one, send me an email at lawrence DOT whitaker AT thedesignmechanism DOT com with the sheet attached; we'll review and hopefully include on this page.

Happy April, everyone.
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so i know its july and this is from april but can you give anything away for this mr whitaker? what it is something for m-space, release date etc


"Art commissioned for the cover of a Contemporary/SF Mythras monthly scenario.. "  taken from the G+ group

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