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Tribal Source Editing: Rune Masters

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jongjom    107

Suggested changes, takes it back to the original version unless otherwise stated

Page 1

Strong NPCS and Their Use in RuneQuest

ILLUSTRATIONS by LUISE PERRENE [as original, and match up with the pictures’ signatures]

Page 2

mastery of a number of skills, an allied spirit, and bound spirits.

I don’t have A&E 11 to check if this was in the original, but to be consistent with the rest of the book (and the section itself):

When I wrote my supplement to Runequest, Rune Masters, the

present the lost descriptions of the 45 RuneMasters and their cults,

[Ed. When I first wrote my description of the Rune Masters book

Page 5

Examples of these are Masonry for mounted barbarians, Pick Pockets for Issaries cultists (who may not steal)

-          Was lower case in the original but still a possible typo  


such as Navigation or Armoring. Remember to note the subtraction

-          Was lower case in the original but still a possible typo


The next line is for the amount of money (in gems, Wheels, Lunars, and Clacks) actually carried by the character.

-          Was lower case in the original but still a possible typo, especially as lunar has been changed to Lunar in this current version. And is keeping in the same style as the Classic Rules


Page 6

(i.e., just finishing prior experience)[delete space], to normal townsmen. By


Page 8

since they tend to penetrate. Cast Multimissile 4 on the bolt as

Page 9

Strength, Mobility, Vigor, Farsee, and Coordination are also useful spells to cast upon a familiar.

Or maybe leave it as ‘Fame’ (Film) was from that era (1980)!


Page 10

Hero status through Heroquests. A typical retinue will be even

lay members. If the Rune Lord-Priest is on a Heroquest, there


Page 11

RuneMasters is to keep calm and to be very organized, in order


Page 14

and then cast a Befuddle spell with no extra points, which will get through unopposed.

-          Correcting a typo missed in the original


single foe, when you have a DEX 17+, means that

-          Correcting a typo missed in the original [Note: the original was:   17+I   and not 17+1 ]


Page 18

FINANCES: carries 20W, 50L, and 100[Delete space]C, has 1000L banked,


Page 19

He is fond of music and has a clear tenor voice.


Page 21

her respect. She has a passion for gems, Truestones, liquor, and


Pavic 50%/25%, Darktongue 25%/0%, Draconic 20%/0%, Stormtongue 15%/0%.

            Also change Storm-tongue to Stormtongue on Page 25, 27, 45 (to be consistent with the rest of this book and Classic Rules)



Page 22

and for pieces of Truestone. He is quick to anger at any slight or


FINANCES: carries 30W, 50L, and 50C; has banked 2000L.


iron chainmail hauberk. Leather trews beneath, as well


NOTE: throughout the document sometimes chain mail is used sometime chainmail, Classic Rules uses chainmail


Page 24

to the Marsh, slaying two dragonsnails there. He now leads his

Classic Rules uses dragonsnail


Page 27

FINANCES: carries 10W, 30L, 5C; has 500L in bank. Her gear

Page 28

FINANCES: carries 50W, 35L, 25C, and has 2500L in bank

Page 30

POT 14 antidote,[Delete second comma] 3 doses Wyvern POT 16 antidote, 2

Truth week, never participate in an ambush, and eat no meat on

Page 37

city to train them on the Plains of Prax. He has been on two

Page 38

He wears a brass arm ring with the Fire Rune inlaid in gold to show he knows the spell of Lantern.


he is geased never to use whip or flail, never to eat meat of Fireday or in Fire Season.


Page 39

Vandar may never use a whip or flail, can never eat meat on Fireday, and can never eat meat during Fire Season.


Wulf’s restriction differ on Page 39

He accepted the restrictions never

to ride any animal but a horse nor marry anyone but a priestess

of an Earth cult nor disguise himself as a woman nor eat fish,

potatoes or raw eggs in any form. He will never sleep under a

red blanket as red is forbidden. On Firedays he speaks only


To his Geases on Page 40


celibate during Fire Season, can never wear padding, can never

use a medium shield, and takes only _ damage from fire.

-          Also change:  use a medium shield, and takes only ½ damage from fire.



Page 40

He [Xendar] shares the restrictions listed for Vandar and Wulf. [This does not seem to clearly match up with the rest of the text]



protection from all forms of fire (½ damage), however he


Page 41

combat but dislikes it and prefers to let his bodyguard fight while

he casts spells.


Page 42

Trade-talk 90%/90%, Stormtongue 50%/50%, Lunar

50%/50%, Praxian 60%/50%, Old Pavic 60%/40%,

Draconic 30%/20%, Darktongue 60%/40%.


Page 62

RuneMaster picks up more items, say as loot, he could be slowed

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jongjom    107


Page 43

enlisting in a medium infantry unit, he saw much of the Plains of



Tradetalk 95%/95%, Sartarite 90%/75%, Lunar 90%/75%,

Praxian 80%/60%, Darktongue 75%/60%, Mostali


FINANCES: carries 40W, 50L, 30C; has banked 3000L. His

gear is worth 791[remove space]5L; his ransom is 5000L.


Page 44

Extra text in the introduction? Source?

Chalana Arroy initiates can bring Storm Bull cultists out of a berserker rage (chance is CHA x5)[Full stop] Healers



Page 45

FINANCES: carries 10W, 30L, 30C[Delete full stop]; has banked 500 L[Add full stop]


Uzard 16/8. Total POW (including Car-Eel): 102.


SPELLS: (Car- Eel) –Befuddle


Page 46

has become a Chief Priest of the temple in New Pavis and has


FINANCES: carries 200L[Delete full stop]; has banked 2500L.[Delete semi-colon]


listed weapons of bronze or wood. [Delete dash]She normally carries 3


Page 47

Extra text in the introduction? Source?


the Rubble of Old Pavis for knowledge, often alone or accompanied


Page 49

LANGUAGES: (Speak/Read-Write) Sartarite 90%/90%,

Trade-talk 90%/90%, Lunar 90%/90%, Praxian 90%/90%,

Darktongue 90%/90%, Aldryami 90%/90%, Old Pavic

90%/90%, Draconic 90%/90%.

                                            All 90%! Did William R. Keyes just give up at this point!


Page 50

Extra text in the introduction? Source?


Initiates may demand assistance (for an agreed-upon price) from all Air Rune cultists (Orlanth, Storm Bull, Thunder Bird, etc.) at an agreed upon price.[Delete this added text which just repeats was is said earlier in the sentence]


Page 51

FINANCES: carries 10W, 30L, 30C. Has banked 1500L and


Page 52

LANGUAGES: (Speak/Read-Write) Sartarite 90%/90%,

Stormspeech 90%/90%, Tradetalk 75%/50%, Lunar

75%/40%, Praxian 70%/30%, Darktongue 65%/30%, Old

Pavic 65%/25%, Draconic 30%/l5%.


Page 53

Extra text in the introduction? Source?


Page 55

LANGUAGES: (Speak/Read-Write) Darktongue 90%/40%,

Tradetalk 75%/40%, Lunar 60%/0%, Sartarite 60%/0%,

Praxian 50%/0%, Old Pavic 40%/0%, Draconic 15%/0%


Merlger Moran is a Mistress Race Troll and the daughter of the


out to prey upon other races in the Rubble and the surrounding Plains

of Prax to keep


Page 56

Extra text in the introduction? Source?


Page 60

LANGUAGES: (Speak/Read-Write) Aldryami 100%/100%,

Tradetalk 60%/60%, Old Pavic 90%/90%, Lunar 65%/50%,


LANGUAGES: (Speak/Read-Write) Aldryami 100%/100%,

Tradetalk 80%/60%, Sartarite 75%/60%, Lunar 75%/60%,

Praxian 60%/40%, Old Pavic 50%/30%, Darktongue

50%/50%, Tarshite 50%/30%.


Page 61

FINANCES: carries 30W, 100L, 25C and has 5000L banked. His

gear is worth about 2400L and he has a ransom of 10,000L.


Page 62

Below that

are sections for Languages, Knowledge skills, Perception skills,

Manipulation skills, Stealth skills, and other skills.


This sheet is intended to be a back-side sheet for the RuneQuest [Add Italics]

character sheet.


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Rick Meints    741

All of the above two sets of edits have been entered.

The extra text in the intros is text Bill Keyes wrote, but it got cut from the final product.

Thanks for all these typo catches.

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Oracle    96
15 hours ago, Rick Meints said:

All of the above two sets of edits have been entered.

The extra text in the intros is text Bill Keyes wrote, but it got cut from the final product.

Thanks for all these typo catches.

I interpret this so, that we can expect an updated version of the RuneMasters PDF file. Is that correct?

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