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Glorantha coin replicas


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Has anyone looked at/talked to any of the companies that make replica coins for fantasy games? 

I like physical props at my table, and would make good use of some coins. There are several companies out there that do decent replicas at reasonable prices.

Anyone else?

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While not actual replica coins, but I found a product, (pirate coins), at a local party store, that I've started using for money in my games. They are about the size of an American half-dollar and I bought some different colors of spray paint so that I could change them from being all gold coins. Also, I bought some rubber stamps that will allow me to stamp different denominations on them so that the players won't really need to keep 100 coins or 1000 coins during the game.

The positive part of using the pirate coins, each bag isn't overly expensive and even adding in the cost of the spray paint, stamps and ink, I think at most I'm spending about 1 or 2 cents a coin.

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