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News: Blind King's Hill


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Was talking with Charlie on the convention, who said that there was three monographs out BRP, Ashes to Ashes, Berlin '61 and Blind King's Hill. The Blind King's Hill is not on their website yet (I checked), and it turned out he had forgot to upload it before going to the convention. It will appear at Chaosium's website pretty soon when he gets back!


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Hmm... I'm not surethe name, I see a Cthulhu monograph now with the name "Kingdom of the Blind" - might it have been that one Charlie was talking about, thinking it was for BRP not CoC? Hmm... gotta send him an email and ask.


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I'm the author of Kingdom of the Blind and that hasn't been uploaded to the monograph section properly. I haven't heard anything about a BRP monograph with a name similar, although I believe there's a new BRP book out later this month (no idea what it's on) which may well be this mysterious Blind King's Hill. Otherwise I think there might have been some crossed wires with mine.

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Kingdom of the Blind: Call of Cthulhu roleplaying in 1920s Britain...

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If you use the Chaosium website's search program, it shows Kingdom of

the Blind as an available monograph (with an interesting cover, by the

way :)).

However, if you search for Blind King's Hill, the result looks like this :eek::

1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Hill%' or ipd.pages_menu_name like '%Blind King's Hill%' or ipd.pages_meta_tit' at line 3

SELECT * from pages ip , pages_description ipd , pages_to_categories ip2c where ((ipd.pages_title like '%Blind King's Hill%' or ipd.pages_menu_name like '%Blind King's Hill%' or ipd.pages_meta_title like '%Blind King's Hill%' or ipd.pages_meta_keywords like '%Blind King's Hill%' or ipd.pages_meta_description like '%Blind King's Hill%') and ipd.language_id = '1' and ip2c.pages_id = ip.pages_id and ip.pages_id = ipd.pages_id )


Which may have some cryptic meaning for servants of the Great Old Ones,

but less so for me. :D

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However, if you search for Blind King's Hill, the result looks like this :eek::

[gobbledigook error message follows]

Oops. Looks like an "unresolved programming opportunity" to me :D.

Them goddam pesky apos'trophe's's get you every time.



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