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Gloranthan Name Generator

Dan Z

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Hey All - I humbly submit to you a tool that generates words, names, etc for roleplaying games.  I noticed I had a pretty large number of generator lists built for Glorantha so I just wanted to share in case someone might find it useful.

You can check it out here RPG Language Confluxer (Glorantha).

Just a note - there are some data sets that are really small and tend to generate a lot of the same names or even some of the source names.  This is, unfortunately, expected behavior.


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Doorkeeper to cats.

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5 hours ago, GianniVacca said:

I created a Sartarite name generator, should anyone be interested:

I am currently working on an Uz name generator.

That's great Gianni.  I like the simplicity of how it works.  If it's alright with you I'd like to see if I can work this method into my online version.


Doorkeeper to cats.

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