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13th Age in Glorantha Update


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Very pretty! 13AiG is cracking stuff. Even if you have no interest in the game itself, I highly recommend at least borrowing a copy and taking a look. It's a great example of taking all sorts of obscure Gloranthan weirdness that's  just been flavour in other games and making it do useful work in the game mechanics.

One of my favourite examples is Hombobabom granting Troll warriors multiple attacks, treating enemies as drum kit. The Hombobabom Thump! If both attacks succeed, an ally gets a free attack too, known as the 'high hat'. Ba-Dum-Tish!

Simon Hibbs

Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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13 hours ago, Steve said:

Looking good. Any further news on the Glorantha Sourcebook, @MOB, is that in layout too? I hope it can be released independently of 13AiG, since I imagine the latter is bigger and will take more layout and editing work.

They will be released simultaneously. There are two different teams working on layout.


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