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Photos from Glorantha

Dan Z

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I'm not sure this is a real thing or maybe I imagined it.  So I seem to recall a long long time ago Greg had written something that described places in Glorantha by referencing the photos in a book.  I thought it might be in the old mailing list archive but I couldn't find it.  I think the book was Our national parks: America's spectacular wilderness heritage.  

I'm sure if it existed one the many fine minds here remember it and perhaps even have a copy of the text.  If anyone remembers this would you be so kind as to pass it on to me?

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"I was challenged to give some illustrations to artists and seekers who need to visualize Glorantha more clearly. This document attempts to do so.  You will NEED a copy of Natural Wonders of the World, Readers Digest Association, 1980 ed. All page references herein are to that book."


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What really happened?  The only way to discover that is to experience it yourself.

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