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Kresh, matriarchs, First Drinker

Gregory M

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We know that women rule the Kresh wagons, and we know there is one matriarch at the head of each wagon / extended family (Guide vol. 2, p. 595).

But :

1) Is there any "superior" matriarch / ruler? IMO everything is possible: in some caravans, power is very personalized, in others power is exercised more collectively.

2) Do the kresh families trace their lineage to a First Drinker, like other Doraddi? I'd say yes but am not sure.

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There might be a similar hierarchy as for Esrolian houses, with a new wagon becoming a client of the founding one(s).

I don't see why they shouldn't have kept their lineage plant identities when they adopted the wagons. The magic for the wagon wood certainly cannot replace a lineage plant.

The weird marriage restrictions for certain lineages might have to be re-directed so that only wagon rider lineages become eligible, though.

How many Kresh wagons started this new culture?

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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