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  1. Glorantha is a bubble of Chaos in an infinity of Law.
  2. From a non-genertelan point of view, who or what is Arachne Solara, and what has she done?
  3. I didn't know the Mythras Generator, thank you for that great discovery. Although I play Heroquest, it's still a useful source of inspiration!
  4. Artmal, as a god, is associated to the Fate rune (Guide to Glorantha). Why? What does it say about the nature of Artmal's cult, and about worship?
  5. @Jeff To what extent can your text apply to the Dorradi in the Plains of Pamalt? Some of the rites you describe, involving Humakt for instance, may have an equivalent with Vangono, and they have their own stories of IFWW, rites about the Firefall and so on... But do they also celebrate the Lightbringers' return?
  6. "The future of Glorantha", the last chapter from the Glorantha book of HeroWars (2000), contains these lines : Never heard of this Serandarn guy before. Any other reference somewhere ? Nothing on Glorantha Wiki, nothing in the Guide...
  7. Anybody talked about Pamaltela ? 1- Kendamalar is the Sun God of the Ancient Gods period, one of the Esiti. During the Demon Period, "five powerful and evil shamans get together to concoct an evil plan. They captured Kendamalar, the Pure One, and killed him and made a drink of his blood." (Revealed Mythologies (RM) p51) 2- In the Now Period, there is a New Sun, Varama. RM says p53 : "Varama (i.e.- โ€œYelmโ€), it is still the essence of Kendamalar", and p66 : "Varama. Sun Spirit of the Now Period. After the Demon Period, Pamalt called Noruma to rekindle the ancient fires. Kendamalar was
  8. You're right. My feeling was that moons, both red and blue, through notions like cycle, resurrection... always associate opposite concepts: destroyed (Death) then born again (Life), Underworld/Darkness and Sky/Light... so that moon magic (whatever the moon) seems to me related to illumination "in essence".
  9. I'm trying to imagine what could be a Hero Wars-era metaplot related to the Near Ones, whether they are really illuminated or people just believe it (in so far as Peter Metcalphe thinks they are not truely illuminated). Illumination is usually associated with overcoming antagonisms, reconciling things that are normally irreconcilable, and even accessing dragon mysticism or playing with Chaos, as Lunars do. In the Plains of Pamalt, doesn't that lead sooner or later to the artmali legacy? After all, Artmal is the son of the Blue Moon, and moon-related magic is strongly associated with
  10. Could be related to a mystical way / attempt to recreate or get access to the lost unity of Langamul ?
  11. Never heard about the "Near Ones" or "Friends of Pamalt" before reading The Glorantha Sourcebook ("Illumination", pp. 149-150). Nothing in the Guide / Revealed Mythologies / Glorantha Wiki. [EDIT: "Near Ones" were first mentioned in Heroquest Glorantha p. 203.] I'm running a Kothar / Kresh campaign and interested by all the theories / ideas you'll share! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Greg, eighteen years ago, you wrote these words in the Glorantha book of HeroWars: "Whatever the reason might be, there is the truth: a good story can make you feel better. That is the power of myth." And that was the power of Greg Stafford. Thank you. Condolences to your family and friends, all around this world.
  13. Good point ! Thanks for clarification.
  14. HQ:G p84 says: Is that correct ? Because the table just above that text clearly shows that a "marginal" victory level does exist...
  15. Page 270, Nangrel paragraph, line 4 : "Naragros" instead of "NaraNgros".
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