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Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

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I am in (advanced) negotiations with Studio 2, which supplies US shops and has a link with the big distributors, so it will become available to order for shops. I cannot guarantee that shops have it available soon, though. It takes time to go through the entire supply chain.

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It is too early to start thinking of a second edition. It will happen of course (both other indie d100s, Mythras and OpenQuest, have undergone two revisions within their lifecycle, so it is appropriate for Revolution to do the same), but not in 2018. Maybe 2019, but do not hold your breath. Mainly because the most important work to do is clarification, which implies rewriting entire sections more concisely, rather than minor tweaks like I did with the hardcover.

However, if you really want to do a kickstarter, we are about to announce one tomorrow :)


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