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MRQ Actions Versus BRP Combat


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It's certainly not deadlier. Combat takes longer time to finish they say. DEX is a totally über-stat in that they do not only determine how fast you are but how many actions you have (btw 1 and 4!). While I've started to play in 2nd Age Glorantha, I'm using a modified BRP combat system to run it.


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The system itself is not bad, you make a lot of choices depending on the outcome of contemporary actions instead of sticking to statement of intent. Many people enjoy it more than Statement of Intent or Strike Ranks. The real problem is what Trif pointed out, DEX becomes way too important. For this reason I use the variant that has CA = (Rolled SR) / 10 to even out differences and add some unpredictability.

But in the end BRP is preferable, because it is simpler to understand, unless you use Strike Ranks.

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