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The Lonely Lighthouse


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Hey guys,

I got an email from DriveThruRPG about the TDM scenario The Lonely Lighthouse but when I go to the site the picture of the product (the front cover) seems very stretched. Somebody might want to check it out!  Also can anyone share any further details about the scenario?

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Thanks for letting me know. The picture was fine on upload, so it may be a glitch on the DTRPG end.

The scenario is (obviously) awesomeness on stilts, utterly incredible value for money, and a must-have for your collection. It also features three linked mysteries in and around the Blue River Valley of Greymoor, where smugglers, ghosts and goblin raiders are rumoured to be making life tough for the locals.

So sort of sandboxy, but with some focused adventuring potential therein. And did I mention what stupendous value for money it is? Even without the Dario Corallo paper minis it contains, it would represent the deal of the century...

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