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Patchwork clothes


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Having just read a treatise about recycling of textiles in my "research" feed from academia.edu, I wonder which groups in which cultures of Glorantha use patchwork textiles or furs for their clothes, and how much of it may have a ritual component - I can easily see Fronelan Hsunchen shamans to wear such patchwork pelts.

Here's the link to the quite long academic treatise (hope it works without subscribing to their newsletter):

Recycling of Textiles in Historic Contexts in Europe. Case Studies from 1500 BC till 1500 AD.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I would think that any place where hunting is a major subsistence strategy (and poverty or a lack of trade for textiles is common) would be prime candidates.  The Praxian philosophy of using gleanings to their utmost would seem to fit well too.

More generally, those broos that wear clothing would be likely candidates.  They're not often accepted as trading partners.

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