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  1. Not trampled, supporting the rest. I'm guessing Gata, Primal Earth. (Appropriate that the GM screen is the Gods Wall, btw.)
  2. Claude Rains as the local Lunar watch commander, and Bogey as...hmm..Gimpy?
  3. Repair is the king. Farmers, craftsmen, housekeepers, pretty much everyone has uses for it. Heal would be second as it's generally useful but not needed as often. Others would tend to be more occupation-specific. Hunters, for instance, could use Mobility, Farsee, the missile spells, maybe Slow, etc. (And in Prax, of course, there's the Peaceful Cut, though that's more a skill than a spell.)
  4. In my game the characters usually had Detects focused or occasionally known by spirits, which circumvents free INT.
  5. I tend to agree. What little you can see of the hilt (the crossbar and the pommel) appears to be the same material as the blade, suggesting it's all of a piece.
  6. Again, doubtful. The books are only a tiny portion of what is on even that particular ship, and foot-dragging would affect every company for which products it carries are routed. Also, tariffs are only on raw materials so far. More likely it can be ascribed to the usual delays in the system.
  7. I seem to recall Jeff answering this specifically (or maybe it was Jason), but not where, that declaration comes before any rolls. Makes sense, too.
  8. Excellent job of painting those.
  9. My thought in reading it was that it was very much in the vein of Amerind myth-tales (not a bad thing at all, as many Praxian HQ's tend to play out similarly). However, since CA is a Lightbringer, you might bring some more Heortling/Orlanthi concepts into it. Say, for instance, that one of the combatants of either side (or both sides) is killed before she gets there and can heal them, and there's the complication of weregeld added to the peace negotiations. Or perhaps there's some kind of tie-in with Hsunchen, with ancestors of the Telmori and/or Rathori involved. Maybe Eurmal shows up
  10. If you're interested, here's a variant from long ago that I wrote up and posted here that introduces the Aldryami as an Allied race: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/5304-dragon-pass-revisited/?tab=comments#comment-77932
  11. I'm getting a permission error trying to d/l it.
  12. I like your new avatar, jaja...Wild Bill Bookslinger?
  13. And Gods, Demigods, & Heroes, which eventually morphed into Deities & Demigods after copyright issues with the Elric and Cthulhu mythoi. (It's ironic that Chaosium ended up with the licenses for both of them.)
  14. While fertility may have been represented by physical plenty (and often more than the usual number of breasts), I'm not so sure about beauty. Late Bronze Age (mid-second millennium to first-millennium BC) representations of Aphrodite or Isis or Athena don't show them as Earth-goddess types, they're more on the Venus model above. Not willowy Twiggy-types, but certainly more athletic than 'plentiful.'
  15. That describes me. It's associated with the hack-n-slash mentality of my youth, which I've progressed far beyond. Since then I've had experience of a wide range of other games, but haven't had any urge to use a system that doesn't have a consistent and imaginative setting.
  16. MJ, you're quoting wave theory, as I quoted particle theory. One way or the other, either curving of space or the motion of particles is based on the aggregate gravitation of all nearby bodies.
  17. Bladesharp was limited to 4 in RQ2, and thus is that way in my game, as Healing is limited to 6. And on that particular example, are you saying that Healing 6 (the level necessary for reattachment of limbs/full body heal) can be learned from just any Joe Blow who happens to have Healing 1?
  18. Technically, photons are attracted by gravitation, which is a function of the mass of the photons and all other masses within proximity. My objections are both well-noted and long-standing.
  19. And finding someone able to both cast and teach Bladesharp 10.
  20. Love the shield...and Greg's 'attitude adjustment.'
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