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Hearts in Glorantha 6 is now available

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Newt Newport's (D101 Games) Hearts in Glorantha is back! You can order the PDF now and printed copies will be sent out in 2-4 weeks once they're printed.

See http://d101games.com/product/hearts-in-glorantha-issue-6-printpdf-preorder/ for full details of all the Gloranthan goodness contained therein.

There's a lot of fab stuff in there (I've seen it), and it seems slightly unfair to pick out some highlights, but I'm going to anyway. For me, The Awakening (by Scott Crowder) and an introductory scenario version of The Lightbringers' Quest (by Matt Ryan) are worth the purchase price on their own. But there's plenty more in there.



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When it goes on general release it will be available via DriveThruRpg.com who print and ship from the US.

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