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Mass combat rules


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I'd like to develop some rules for Mass Combat and Battles. I love the RQ6/Mythras mechanics about this issue, but I rule a classic dungeon campaign with a lighter system (between BRP and the MRQ SRD) and I need some ideas. OpenQuest contains a few elegant rules, but they are in the opposite side, too simple for my campaign.

Do you know a d100 mass combat system in the happy medium, lighter than Mythras but more complete than Openquest? I have read something about MRQII Empires, but I haven´t that book and I don't know if it could be bought nowdays, or if it could be worthy for this purpose (too similar than the Mythras system, perhaps?).

Thank you for read me!


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Pendragon has also had various versions of Mass Combat.  The Boy King has a good one that I quite like, as does the Book of Battle.  They are different but each is fun in its own right.  The Boy King one had the army commanders chip away at each other's Army Value while also tracking the fate to the PCs.  The Book of Battle is more focused on the PCs and requires tactical choices each round, the results of which affect the outcome of the Battle.

Slightly different mechanic but transferable.

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