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Keno Hill


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There is a place in the maps of the God-time in the Glorantha Sourcebook south of Kero Fin in the Earth tribe's region called Keno Hill, apparently a ziggurat. I can't find any other references to it. Any ideas?

I suspect it is connected with Nochet, as it seems to be identical with Kodig's Palace in later maps. However Ernalda's Palace is different, and it looks like the Grandmothers localized a fair bit of more far-flung locations into Esrolia for purposes of storytelling/magical geography.

In the Greater Darkness/Age of Chaos it is unnamed but still present and between the Unity Battle and Kero Fin.


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34 minutes ago, scott-martin said:

This is most likely Kena Hill, described in 10000 Goddesses.

OK! So many spelling variances in the canon...


And Kena Hill appears in the map of Nochet. I guess we have identified Kodig's palace. It was the sacred hill of Imarja too...

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