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The sword on the Fenix Papers cover

Michael Hopcroft

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I'm curious about the sword in the Fenix Papers cover, which is curved at the tip. There have been many curved sword types over the centuries, but I haven't seen one curved at the tip as opposed to a more central position (even the maligned-but-brutally-deadly kopesh  has its curve in the upper center).

Would a sword like that behave differently than those other blades? How durable is it? Does it have a different balance? In short, does it work differently enough to be worth using in a game?

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I'm not sure that it's worth much, game-mechanically, but you could make it so.  I would treat it basically like a broadsword or scimitar, or maybe a falchion.  To me it's clearly Medium/Medium, like those other blades, and should have the Bleed and Impale Traits.  Other than that, we can quibble over exact damage and AP/HP ratings.  Others know more than I do about weapons IRL, and surely will be glad to expound about whether it should be 1d8 or 1d8+2 or whatever. 😉

EDIT:  I may be confusing this weapon with the Greek kopis.

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It's not really just the tip, it's a standard Sabre, Scimitar or Tulwar style sword. Mechanically I would use scimitar stats, no Impale. You would say these swords have an advantage to cause a bleed, but that's what having that combat effect means. 

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