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Headman Fort (Slon)

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The place could be an Artmali ruin from the latest part of their struggle in the Gods War, when they had turned to Chaos (and probably were badly warped by it), or some race from beyond the Gods' Cliff.

Neither Vadeli nor Artmali show evidence for weaponry able to withstand dwarf siege engines from their own technology, but this might be stolen dwarf technology turned against its former master, possibly by warping it with Chaos.

Another possibility are the Slarges, who are shown on the God Learner Maps to have been in the region.

We don't know much about the late Artmali Empire, except that it had allied with Chaos, and then suffered devastating defeats. There is a possibility that some chaotic race with a high level of sorcerous technology appeared here, and was wiped out in the Breaking of the World.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I kinda think the Headmen were related to the Watchweres (which were in the RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary) - chaotic humanoids with very small heads but could see through stuff.  This suggests that the Headmen were liike Mekons (cf Mekon the Mighty an opponent of Dan Dare) and were also served by Footmen and Handmen.  

As for their origins, the suggestion of coins suggests they were originally humans (or dwarves).  So Artmali, Vadeli or Mostali - take your pock...

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