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How about a CDA redux?


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The other thread about Cthulhu Rising got me to thinking about CDA. Could it take a similar treatment and survive? Could the mythos creatures become demons? The Mythos and Non-Mythos Grimoires get the WoW/BRP magic treatment?

This would give us a gritty low fantasy setting, and would bring this excellent work back from limbo. Call it something along the lines of Torchlight


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What's CDA?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out from the other thread... yeah, I could see a Cthulhu Dark Ages campaign that had some sort of Lovecraftian menace that was never named as such... in the eyes of the church it's just plain old demons.

Long ago we were going to start a campaign in... Cumbria? Some dark cold place on the Eastern coast of England/Scotland in the early hundreds A.D. period... I did a bunch of research, we wanted the flavor of the time... no magic or 'real' monsters... and it seemed pretty gameworthy, though we never did get around to doing it.

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