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Mythras 3rd Revision Now Available.

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We have updated the Mythras Core Rules (TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018) with outstanding errata and a few tweaks and clarifications to both rules and layout. A full list of the text changes is included in the PDF, pages 306 to 308.
If you would like a print version of the updated rules, we are also making the book available as a hardcover POD option through DrivethruRPG/OneBookShelf, and this will be active very soon. A separate message will be sent once the POD version is ready. A softcover edition is already available from our Lulu Store:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/pete-nash-and-lawrence-whitaker/mythras/paperback/product-23853955.html

How to download your updated PDF

If you’ve bought Mythras from us via the TDM webstore, our Lulu store, or DrivethruRPG, then you are entitled to the PDF free of charge. If you bought your copy via Aeon Games, then they will make their own arrangements for the updated PDF.

TDM Webstore
Select Store from the navigation bar
Sign into your Account from the Store page
Click on ‘Your Account’ (top right hand section of the category listings)
Click on the Orders Tab
The products you’ve ordered appear here, along with links to the PDFs for each book ordered from us. Find your Mythras order, and click on the link for TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018. Your download should start automatically.

You should received an email notifying you of the change to Mythras, along with a link to the product in your OneBookShelf library.

Lulu POD
If you are a Lulu customer buying the softcover, please email us at , including a copy of your Lulu receipt, and we will send you a discount code to redeem the PDF from our web store.

Mythras 3rd Printing Changes List.pdf

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