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Seeds of Chaos


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So I’m starting a new parallel worlds campaign, using  primarily  Mythras, Luther Arkwright and After the Vampire wars.  The main Primes will be  Loosely based on the Night Lord series by Garon Whited. In these books you have Parallel Earth worlds. That differs from each other like in Luther Arkwright but But each parallel have different levels of magic some high magic earths worlds and low or no magic earths. Also Time runs At different speeds in each parallel and is not consistent so you can enter into a parallel earth where it still 200 BC leave for a day and come back a week later and 30 days or a hour could’ve gone by. Also in some parallels there’s wizards and magicians and others There’s no magic whatsoever. On top of this there are some unique high magic worlds that fall none of Typical rules so you can have a flat earth world, Thennia, or Glorathan exc exc. Now the unique worlds Don’t have parallels of them. Vampires tend to be fairly prevalent on all the Parallel and unique worlds. Yeah I think this is going to be Fun, as it’s going to allow me to use all the supplements Constantinople, Rome, Britten vampire wars Luther Arkwright. Now Entrance into the different parallel earths and Unique Worlds Happens primarily with magic. But I’m going to add in the Psionic method and Scientific ones from Luther Arkwright. Now the space between worlds is filled with chaos the earth parallels tend to be realms of order. High Magic world’s Quickly typically border chaos in a more physical way converting chaotic energy into Magic This Sometimes Let’s creatures of chaos breakthrough into that world. I will be starting this campaign on Roll20 Thursday Evenings at 6pm EST Staring on the 29th of Nov. If any of you are interested. I’ll try to do a better job this keeping up with posts on how the campaign progress. 


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I think I might need a change my Campaign idea as I’ve been having a hard time feeling the game slots.  Any ideas on capture the interest of Moore people, My write ups I’ve always sort of sucked, I’m not as boring verbally. I am thinking My description maybe too convoluted. 

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